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Why was CBS anchor Dan Rather ripped for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’? Explained


Why was CBS anchor Dan Rather ripped for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’? Explained: A disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather is facing a dunking of his own after he released his “Let’s Go, Brandon”. By using this face he tried to dunk the most renowned personality of the country. You might be getting curious after reading the above lines and must be want to graph complete detail on the face used by Rather. This news is making the headlines and also getting all over the social media platforms hence. The curiosity level of the users on medicines is so high, to Grab the detail on the same. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

So Jaan Rather twittered the phrase “Let’s go Brandon”, which is now getting viral on all the social media platforms and this makes the sense that he has been using it as a rebuff against President Biden. He took to his letter and wrote, “LetsGoBrandonReallyMeans ‘you can’t handle the truth.” posted this tweet on December 30 around 9:18 a.m. morning.

After the tweet of then, there are numerous comments on his two has one of the comments is from John Cardillo, which reads, ” then don’t forget the time when you and your producer both were fabricated memos to derail Bush 43’s presidency. Remember that at that time you were fired from court and ashamed of air? Do you remember that truth?”

Joe Pagliarulo took to Twitter and wrote, ” Dan is the man who actually lost his job position as he had been reported fabrication and lies about GW Bush. You cannot make this stuff up how can you make this thing up again? It should be a phrase “Let’s go Dan Rather”.”

In the year 2020, he has been received an award for his communications and journalism skills and this award was granted to him by the University of Texas.
My God and in 2004 he has been got criticized for his report in the same year.

A tweet by Moody college of communication’s Dean Jay Berhardt, said, “Dan not only a legend name or personality been able to receive numerous of awards in his career and he is a great journalist too.”

So his phrase “Let’s go Brendon”, is spiral I am also making the users and other people are angry with this phrase at it it is against the president of the country.

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