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Why Was Bella Thorne ‘Shake IT’ Music Video Temporarily Removed By YouTube!


Bella Thorne’s: She is a well-known singer from America whose music album is removed temporarily by YouTube. And she calls the streaming platform to give her an explanation for removing her music album.

Bella Thorne

She tweeted from her official Instagram account to Youtube, “Hey @YouTube I would like to know why you take down my music album “Shake It”. Is it because a male is shaking me a** in the album? Well, let me tell you that it happens in many music albums. And why can’t we? This kind of prohibition against girls must be ended and I will definitely be going to fight against such creepiness. Stay grooved”.

Youtubes answer of takedown “Shake It”:-

YouTube clarifies that “it was a mistake” of removing her “Shake It” video from the OTT platform.

Youtube responded by tweeting, “We apologize to hear the issue and has passed the trouble to the team and soon be going to let you know the reason what happened. Thanks for keeping the patience in the meantime.”

Later team Youtube stated, “The issue has been confirmed and we accept that it was a mistake and reinstated your music album. And sorry for this concern.”

Bella’s words on the removal of video:-

She stated, “I was annoyed seeing the takedown of “Shake It”.

Her full name is Annabella Avery Thorne and known as Bella Thorne by her fans. She is an actress, a model, and a singer. And she has a huge fanbase. Along with a large number of followers on her social media platforms.

She was first seen “Shake It Up” on Disney Channel at age of 12 and since the appearance in that show, she got fame. She also gained fame from her music albums and singing talent.

The video includes some inappropriate scenes and moves which might be a reason Youtube takes down her video. In the album, it was seen that a night can be well spent by women together. She speaks about the double standard thoughts and views of society against women’s sexuality.

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