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Why Was Amber Heard Accused Of Using The Same Photo? 2 Alleged Incidents In Johnny Depp Trial

Why Was Amber Heard Accused Of Using The Same Photo? 2 Alleged Incidents In Johnny Depp Trial: Again the viral case is in the headlines as the popularly known couple as both actors are having trials in court suing each other for defamation of $50 million from Jonny and $100 million from heard in counter.  this case has gained hiped up and people are going viral ad people are seeing this case as a winner lose matter and want the latest updates here is the channel where you will find all the details on the case and below you will find why is amber accused of producing the false evidence in the court confirmed in the court reports and this creates an uproar between the deep and heard fans also fighting on the internet posts on different social media in comments sections, as this confirmation of expert will sway the case in johnny Depp favor. read the details related to this latest court trial and things been happening in the presiding. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com
Amber Heard Lied About Donation

Why Was Amber Heard Accused Of Using The Same Photo?

Amber heard a trial with Johnny Depp for the compensation of $50 million in a defamation case by johnny o her is hitting the news headlines and this case has taken a turn Thursday when during hearing johnny was swaying the case o his side, the event goes when it comes to light that Amber Heard and her lawyer are misleading the case by a false allegation of johnny assaulting  her while marriage and to prove her allegations she is producing the false evidence in the court with not producing the authentic photos as, as johnny lawyer demanded a test for photos,

When Norbert Bryan Neumeister testified his statement said in court, that photos are produced before the court are found tampered with and have gone through some kind of software modification as the proof of authenticity is denied after a test and examination done, by a metadata expert  named Norbert Bryan Neumeister, he told he has through examined the photos amber heard  gave in court and Changement is done, he said he saw amber heard photo with bruises but they are not authentic,

When Depp’s lawyer asked Norbert Bryan Neumeister why he think so, he said some photos are not conformed taken from an iPhone as amber heard uses that only, and they were found being taken from some other photo editing software, as photos produced before the court are of different file size, different photo size, different physical size and also some from photo editor program is confirmed.

Amber heard lied in court to prove the allegations of violence and to sway the proceedings in her favor she produces false evidence, which is contempt of court and done illegal act which is really shameful for a personality like her with such a big-name, amber heard claims Johnny Depp for physically assaulted her on their honeymoon and in a party as well throwing vodka bottle on her, to which johnny Depp said in loved her and denied her allegations.

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