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Why ‘Siddhi hates Shiva’ Posters Go Viral Ahead of Valentine’s Day On Social Media Check Whole Matter


Lucknow News, A girl Betrayed in love adopted a unique way to revenge on her ex:- Betrayed in love, a young woman has adopted a unique way of defaming her lover in the middle of the road.  She pasted a poster at the Gomti Nagar crossroad situated in Lucknow. She wrote, “Siddhi hates Shiva”. The poster installed in the city has become the center of attraction and goes viral around the city, on which people are involved in the chain of discussion.

Why Siddhi Hates Shiva

It yet to be confirmed that who stood this step, and why? Although the event going Viral among the youngster along with the whole society. People are predicting that took this step to take an act of revenge on her Ex and installed six hoardings at different places. On the other side, it’s February a month for lovers which includes a week that holds seven special days for lovers and couples. Couples celebrate the entire week happily with each other, and this news has raised a question in their mind.

Valentine week?

Valentine Week includes 7 different special days such as Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Propose Day, and finishes on Valentine’s Day. The entire week is dedicated to the lovers for each other. They express their feelings through gifting precious things. The rose day indicates the purpose of the proposal. The proposed day provides a chance for a person to propose their crush. Chocolate day is a day of celebrating the relationship. Teddy Day is mainly dedicated to the girls as teddies are the cutest soft toy loved by girls. The Promised Day is to make promises. While Kiss and Hug Day’s are also part of the special week. And then finally finishes with Valentine’s Day.

Why Siddhi Hates Shiva Viral Memes Images

Why Siddhi Hates Shiva Why Siddhi Hates Shiva Why Siddhi Hates Shiva Why do we celebrate Valentine’s day? 

The legend of St. Valentine who is imprisoned by decapitation. Well, the story is still in mystery. There several different stories of St. Valentine which says that he had faced disrespect for which this day is celebrated. Stay tuned to our website for more such news, trends, updates, web series, and TV serials. For any query comment below.

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