The elections that took place in West Bengal are truly done and dusted, a stunning victory for the Trinamool congress has been written off in the history books which has been led by Mamata Banerjee and the BJP has been defeated by some margin as if we compare the 3 seats that they won last time, they now have won about 77 seats but they have failed in achieving 200 seats and forming a government and the left-congress alliance has failed miserably as they have failed to have even a single seat, Mamata Banerjee is going to be the Chief Minister for the third of the state which is a big achievement for any Chief Minister.

PM Modi

The dirty game of politics has been played again and again by BJP and it becomes more disgraceful when the country’s Prime Minister and Home Minister are stooping lower and lower with each election as at the time of rallies and in course of the election, they both have been really demeaning towards the opposition and when the leaders of the party are going to behave in such horrendous way then how can your expect the party members to be respectful towards the opposition, the rallies are done so that the parties can put up their view on how they are going to make changes and develop the state but it seems like

BJP doesn’t know how to be decent and respectful enough and they kept on demeaning the opposition with every chance they have had which the elections to stoop down to a level of a stereotypical reality show which should not be the case when it is about developing a state. “do mai, didi gai” is such a childish comment and also pretty immature for an opposition to say an that too by the Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country which is such a shame for the election process and they have managed to do the impossible by setting up a new low in the elections by using such shameful and demeaning language towards a Chief Minister who has looked upon the state for such a long time, winning the election is a must for parties which is something that we understand but making such shameful remarks for someone who has done a lot for the state is just not acceptable and pretty immature of the leaders.

The hype was understandable by the people as BJP very well knew that if they want to win the 2024 elections then they need to beat Mamata Banerjee at all cost which is why they have stoop down to this level but they failed miserably as the people of West Bengal saw through their cheap tactics and demeaning the Chief Minister which the people of West Bengal have elected so many times is never a good idea and behaving like goons and behaving as if they are exposing them when in all honesty they were just looking like a bunch of fools is just an immature behavior from such leaders.


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