Why did Lulu Garcia-Navarro leave Weekend Edition? Explained: It seems like Lulu Garcia has provided the users with a farewell after he worked 17 years for the network, we are here to let you know about what he has stated. This is what has been spoken by the man- This is it, we are coming to the end o the show and his time eat NPR, it is very hard for him to say goodbye, especially because when he came to host the show at the first Latina to helm which is an NPR flagship show, he wanted to start a conversation with the viewers, with NPR, a conversation which is going to take them to unexpected places. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Lulu Garcia-Navarro leaves Weekend Edition

Why Lulu Garcia-Navarro leaves Weekend Edition

He further stated, he hoped that the world would think in different ways and listen to different voices having new perspectives, little did he know what is going to come for him, he stated he started off when the former president Donald Trump had just been elected.

It was the year when the conversation around gender and harassment took a leap, in the year 2018, he was in Mexico and was covering migration when Trump’s family separation policy was instituted, it was the time when people were having hard discussions about who belonged in this country and why 2019 was the deadliest year in decades for the victims of hate crimes which included 22 people which were mostly Latinos, they got murdered at Walmart in El Paso.

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Then came the pandemic which was followed up by a racial reckoning with the mass protests over the killings of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and this year which is 2021, he stated he is going to save any more retrospectives because we are still in it all.

It seems like there are Tweets by the audience as he has left his work after being in the lives of the people for 17 years, everyone is providing him with farewell messages, he was one of the most heard voices of the country and he is definitely going to be missed as a professional, we hope he keeps sharing his thoughts even after leaving after 17 years of conclusive and essential work.

He stated at the end, this is him signing off for the last time which must have felt weird to many of the people.


  1. Be great if someone can edit the above and change HE to SHE. Ms. Garcia-Navarro will definitely be missed. She broke some ground, but there’s nothing un-female about her, and it’s bizarre that this got “into print.”


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