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Why is Justice For Jen trending? Was TikTok Star Jen Bullied And Hospitalized? TikTok Videos Explained


Why is Justice For Jen trending? Was TikTok Star Jen Bullied And Hospitalized? TikTok Videos Explained: ‘Justice for Jen’ is the hashtag that is a trending tag that is being used by many social media influencers in their posts and stories so that Jen’s case can gain some limelight. In this writing, readers will get to know more on this topic which is hanging on top of the notification bar in TikTok world. Jen is a so-called TikTok star and influence who have claimed to be the sufferer of cyberbullying but do you actually know what is cyberbullying, don’t you? If not, keep staying with us and do some scrolling after reading this section. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Justice For Jen

Why is Justice For Jen trending?

Cyberbullying means that harassing someone online or using social media platforms to harass someone, cyberbullying is also called online bullying. Though online bullying can also lead to destructive steps in real life like suicide and mental breakdown. Jen who is a TikTk creator has also claimed that she is being the victim of online bullying. Now being a TikTok family many users are supporting Jen with using the ‘Justice for Jen’ hashtag in their stories and posts to enlighten the incident and spreading awareness regarding cyberbullying. This news picked up speed when Jen revealed in a note written by herself that she has been hospitalized and fighting for her life and expressed it as a reaction to online bullying.

Justice For Jen TikTok Videos Explained

And ‘Justice for Jen’ came out as a trending subject on TikTok when she was in her apartment and reportedly found unconscious. But this case has not reached any point as the investigation is still going on. Due to the unavailability of personal details, we can not mention any personal information about her. As per media reports, she was extremely mentally disturbed by the online bullying and later got admitted to the hospital. Jen’s topic has become a matter of debate.



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Was TikTok Star Jen Bullied And Hospitalized?

Jen is now getting huge support from her TikTok family and also from other social media platforms, they are posting videos and pictures with the ‘Justice for Jen’ hashtag to show their love and support to her. People of her community are praying for her quick comeback and waiting for the explanation of the full incident from Jen. Now cyber cell department working on the issue. How is she right now? has not been made public by her close people and staff so we are not able to write on Jen’s health condition. We will let our reader know more on this subject when something will come out from her side.

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