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Why Did Pinterest CEO Bill Ready Steps Down?


Pinterest’s CEO step down recently the news is the interest in the e-commerce platform which step down its CEO and the post is taken over by the Google executive in the recent event as the interest. Inc said that the chief executive officer Ben Silverman had been holding the position for a long time and his regulation authority of social media platforms are being recently canceled because of the company operational exercise and staff management policies in today’s vacated post the Pinterest platform introduced an EX-Google e-commerce executive Bill Ready. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bill Ready

As the news, spread like fire in e-commerce and social media platforms world for the initiative of e-commerce platforms As a lang or a hashtag underscores the shift in focus at the interest to e-commerce initiative from the advertising-based business model as now the interest is making moves shift into online commerce and product selling.

Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of e-commerce platform Pinterest previously was a social media platform advertising and paid for the involvement in advertising-based activities have recently observed a gem from google executive staff as Bill ready a 42-year corporate employee who has been working with Google for last two years as an executive who acts as an executive running e-commerce and payment functioning at alphabet branch (IMC) owner search ENGINE giant Google.

Ready has already held many senior posts in the corporate world previously he was working in senior leadership and execution positions at people. Ready has started his career and got a first executive appointment for himself in 2010 and 20 years working there as CEO this position as CEO he was holding Is his self-founded company in 2010. Then the Pinterest has grown in rapidly over the time and it has more than four 30 million Viewers traffic on its platform for the available information it displays an advertisement on its website which makes him a good money

Silbermann  39, Will continue working with the organization and join the board of directors of the company as the new post is created for an executive role. Silverman said in his statement that his next project will be focused on trying and acting on all previous ideas of Growth increase and admiring Bill saying he is a great leader and an experienced person for e-commerce as he was chosen for the purpose and would like to work with him. while Ready will also join the board, the company said and revealing further details said ready will receive an annual salary of 400000 dollars per year about 8.6 million cash.

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