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Why did Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube and Twitter? Racist Tweet Drama and Controversy explained


Why did Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube and Twitter? Racist Tweet Drama and Controversy explained: Lindsay Ellis, a famous YouTuber has announced her retirement by posting on Instagram. Fans say that Ellis was forcefully left from Twitter after being harassed to a breaking point for an earlier post in which she claimed that Raya and The Last Dragon was a knockoff of Avatar. The Last Airbender. Ellis said Goodbye to her admirers in a Twitter tweet. She was a novelist who found herself at the focus of a troll fest in March. As her followers put it, was sparked by her tweets in which she compared Raya and the Last Dragon to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Lindsay Ellis

Why did Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube and Twitter?

Lindsay Ellis’s cancellation started when she tweeted the comparison between Raya and the popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. People started replying almost quickly after she said something, alleging that her tweet meant that Avatar, an anime show influenced by Eastern traditions, was the starting point for so many stories with Eastern cultural elements.

Lindsay’s critics also pointed out that the authors of Avatar were white, but Raya’s writing team included people of Asian ancestry.

Lindsay Ellis

In a follow-up tweet, she stated, “She can see where if we squinted when she was stating all Asian-inspired items are the same, especially if you were previously privy to those chats when I had not seen them.”


Her critics subsequently judged that she was using too broad a brush in her painting.

Lindsay Ellis’s reason behind quitting YouTube?

Irate keyboard warriors blasted her for categorizing two independent pieces of work under the same topic, and her tweets were erased. Ellis has over a million subscribers on her YouTube Channel and the content that she published is unique and to the point. No BS, no shit not at all. If you want to check out her youtube channel then you can check it out here which you can redirect to her youtube channel.

Ellis is said to have abandoned social media after months of public humiliation for her posts, according to fans. “Lindsay Ellis played a pivotal role in transforming YouTube, transforming video essays from “guy rants at the screen” to a more intellectual kind of long-form entertainment.

Besides this, she was an excellent writer where he loves to write with her heart but we did not see anymore one commenter said, expressing their dissatisfaction with the way of social media. She can identify with a lot of what was said here, and they hope Lindsay Ellis finds comfort, joy, and peace of mind, regardless of which path she takes.

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