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Why did Deftones Bassist Sergio Vega Quit? Revealed


Why did Deftones Bassist Sergio Vega Quit? Revealed: Sergio Vega has been playing with Deftones since the year 2009 we are so saddened to be that Departed from the group which is in an Instagram post that went viral on Wednesday morning. His fans are so hurting and heartbroken to will receive the news of his sudden departure from the band and they are also in to grab the cause of his departure. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Deftones Bassist Sergio Vega Quit

Vega Vega has been given and statement through a video in which said that “covid is the deadliest disease which has been the breaking point for all the people and I begin to be questioned at my place in the Ban and future that wanted for my career I am so eager to start something which is for me and for my entire life because at that point my contract with the band has been completely canceled,

I was so depressed to be start something stable for me and for my career as well. One day I received a call from a stranger who is about an internal bandh situation they have been asked a question me if I was solid and that flying out too early to help work it out.” He further says, ” of course I am ready and I was all in it and that is what we can handle for me and for my future but I can’t go back to my old contract.”

He also added that “our respective management had helped me and they went through a conversation in which they all discussed the new contract and later they had been offered me a do you know which is as same as the previous one then at that point, I have decided to decline this offer as well. After this, I called that guy again to see where the miscommunication was have the chances to be resolved again but I didn’t get any response from his side. ”

Vega quietly exited the band and then refocused to get his quicksand. The long-running post h*** group can be found in 1990 l later band has been unveiled a release the new album in 2021 and taught in the fall. So in one of his statements he has been clarified that Himmat just turns in 1995. Where has he joined the band again in the year 2009?

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