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Why Did Annie Get Arrested In Series Finale? ending explained!


Why Did Annie Get Arrested In Series Finale? ending explained! This article is particularly for those who are keen to know the answer to one question that why did Annie get apprehended? Now those who don’t that who is Annie and why we are talking about her. Annie is the popular character of the popular series “Good Girls” and in this article, we are sharing major spoilers of the series finale of “Good Girls ” which is airing on NBC. The 4th and the finale season of the series is all set to wrap its season with a finale that really did not feel like a finale for Ruby, Beth, and Annie, even if it did bring the payout of Beth concluded up in charge with Rio for working under her.

Why Did Annie Get Arrested In Series Finale

Why Did Annie Get Arrested In Series Finale?

But when it’s about Annie, her conclusion feels more like the starting of a delight in a fresh and new story that might be continued in the 5th season back prior to the news of the show’s unforeseen cancellation. Annie was apprehended, in spite of all signs indicating Beth being the one heading to the prison cell. We are actually was confused about the twist of Annie at an instance but the breadcrumbs are already there to describe her ending. Now let’s see what exactly happened with Annie.

What Exactly Has Happened To Annie ending explained

In the 2nd hour of the two-part finale of the series, Mick appears at the house of Beth, apparently intending to assassinates her for overturning Nick to the point that he is frantic in the prison and had to demand his revenge from afar. So it looks like an especially lucky break that Mick missed, leaving behind her with just a flesh injury and best leaving his gun behind where proof could be collected from it.

But this in Good Girls, and obviously there were no lucky breaks or suitable twists. It transpires that Nick arranged the whole things not for Mick to assassinate Beth, but for Mick to hit her to get the attention of the authorities, leave the armed gun for them to search, and let them search the prints on the pistol as it was actually the gun that assassinated Lucy.

So why did the police come for Annie instead of Beth, when Beth has all the reason to believe that her own prints were on the pistol? And what were Phoebe and Dave discussing with the “sibling rivalry” exchange? To know the exact story just watch it and do not forget to share your views with us and stay tuned with us for more such updates.


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