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Who were Brayden and Bryson McDaniel? 20-month-old Twins Die In Car, Found Dead In SUV


There is a sad case which is coming from Blythewood, there has been a sad demise of 20-month-old twins who have been found dead inside a car in a parking lot of South Carolina daycare, they were in a hot SUV for more than 9 hours, it has been stated by the authorities on Thursday.

Twins Die In Car

Who were Brayden and Bryson McDaniel?

One of the parents discovered the toddlers in rear-facing seats as the parent arrived around 5:40 pm on Wednesday at the US highway 21 in the suburb of Columbia of Blythewood, this has been stated by the investigators, the name of the children are Brayden and Bryson McDaniel who were in the SUV.

They have died due to the exposure from the heat, has been stated by the coroner naming Nadia Rutherford at the news conference, te further testing is going to be done over the next few weeks to rule out other causes, was stated by the Richland County coroner.

Twins Die In Car

It was stated by Rutherford, the boys were taken care of and were enrolled at the daycare. They stated they have two parents who are distraught at this point in time, the deaths are being investigated by the Richland County deputies, there have been no arrests as of yet and there are no more details that have been stated or released by the deputies.

Twins Die In Car

The temperature was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the Wednesday in California, the name of the parents have not been stated by the coroner as of yet, she stated she doesn’t want to criminalize them if the cause is going to be ruled out as an accident and she did not state where the SUV was for most of the day.

Twins Found Dead

Rutherford has further stated, they cannot tell why the children were left in the car for so long, she stated this has been an unfortunate accident, she further stated we all can pray that the family finds peace after what has happened but if it comes out in the post-mortem that this is a criminal act, then they are going to find justice for the babies no matter what.

This is such an unusual case and the reason the parents have not been mentioned is that the first thought in the minds of people is going to be where were their parents and how did the car end up there is it owned by the parents, there are many questions in the case which is going to be looked upon by the deputies.

This is a developing story and as soon as we get to know about the situation in detail, we are going to be updating you further.

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