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Who was Younus Kunju and what was his death reason? Former MLA dead


Who was Younus Kunju and what was his death reason? Former MLA dead: A Muslim League chief and former MLA Younus Kunju died at a hospital in Thiruvananthpuram today at the age of 80. Let’s find out what’s the cause of his death. Dr. A. Younus Kunju, and ex. MLA, the founder of the Trust, and the chairman of the college passed away at the age of 80. Kunju’s embodiment efforts have always yielded positive outcomes. In the same way, his contributions to education, industry, and society are enormous and noteworthy. He started working as a cashew laborer because he came from a poor family. His firm grew quickly, and he was soon named India’s second-largest cashew exporter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Younus Kunju

Who was Younus Kunju?

According to some sources, A. Younus Kunju, a former MLA, died as a result of a coronary heart attack. He was the Trust’s creator and also the college’s chairman. Kunju was a self-made guy of high intellect and adaptability who was constantly devoted to a variety of activities and aimed to aid the common and underprivileged. Similarly, in 1991, he established the Fathima Memorial Educational Trust in loving remembrance of his mother, with the goal of promoting and developing education. Educational institutions were founded under the direction of the Trust.

Younus Kunju Death Reason

Younus Kunju, a native of Kollam, died from a coronary heart assault at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Additionally, it is cited that his death might have been related to Covid damage. A Muslim League chief and a former MLA, who later moved from the cashew industry to the education sector, passed away at the age of 80. For his obituary, Kunju’s funeral services are supposed to be held at 4 pm today at Kollurvilla Juma Masjid.

Younus Kunju wife

Dareefa Beevi, Dr. A. Younus Kunju’s wife, was his life partner. The couple has been married for many years and has seven children together. He was also the son of Abdulla Kunju and Fathima, who were born in 1941 at Kolloorvilla, Kollam District. Kunju was born into a poor household and had his primary education at a local school in the neighborhood, according to the website.

Younus Kunju Net Worth

According to an estimate, Younus Kunju was worth about $1.35 million at the time of his death. Some online sources indicate that he had acquired a wealth which was 10 crore and 13 lakhs. But he doesn’t reveal his actual income openly on the internet. He is nearly around the above amount that we have mentioned.

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