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Who was Yasmin Perez? Chicago Woman Dies After Shooting That Killed Boyfriend, Wiki, Age, Instagram!


There has been a bizarre case recently as there is Puerto Rican couple who are dead and this has happened after days apart after the couple was shot by a bunch of black men and this has taken place in Chicago in Humboldt Park. Yasmin Perez and Gyovanny Arzuaga were in a relationship and both of them shared 2 children who are young and the couple was attacked by the goons of 19th June as they were celebrating Puerto Rican day and this is such a shame that people are so intolerant towards someone celebrating the national day of their respective country.

Yasmin Perez

Who was Yasmin Perez?

There has been a graphic video about the incident on different social media platforms and the video has been going viral since the day it has come in the eyes of public, the guy was shot in the head and he was then taken to the nearby hospital naming Saints Mary and then from there he was taken to the Elizabeth medical center and there the guy was announced as dead, his girlfriend Perez was hit with a shot on the neck and she was then taken to the Stroger Hospital which is in Cook County, she was in a severe condition and she lost her life on 22nd June on Tuesday.

Yasmin Perez Wikipedia, Bio, Instagram

According to the Facebook id of Yasmin Perez, she belonged to Illinois, Hanover Park and she was currently living in Chicago, Schaumburg and in the bio section of her Instagram handle, it was hinted that she is engaged with her boyfriend Arzuaga and the profile was private, they raised their 2 children as they were together, daughter’s name is Sofiya Serenity Perez and the name of the son is Jayden Javier Arzuaga and they have been the parents to a dog naming shadow.

They were both pretty young as Aruzuaga was 24 and his girlfriend Perez was 25 years of age, they were attacked by the goons in the night around 9:23 pm and this incident took place in the division street in the 3200 blocks as they were attacked by 2 or 3 black men and this has been stated by the police as they both were celebrating the Puerto Rican parade that happened just some hours before and till yet there have been no arrests and it seems like that the authorities are on their toes as they are investigating this bizarre case.

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