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Who was Wilhelm Hospel, All About death victim of Waukesha Parade accident


Who was Wilhelm Hospel, All About death victim of Waukesha Parade accident: On 22nd December there was a horrific accident which has taken over the attention of everyone is Darrel Brooks Jr. who is the man who has been taken into custody in connection with the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy that has taken place on 21st November, the authorities have told this to the public, when Brooks was detained, police found a Ford key on him, this is according to the scanner audio which was obtained by GetIndiaNews.com

Wilhelm Hospel

Waukesha Parade accident video Explained

His social media accounts and online court records have shown that he is an aspiring rap singer with a lengthy criminal record and online court records, he has a pretty long history of crimes and has two felony charges for which he got released on $500 and $1000 bail, this happened just days before the parade deaths.

He is the person who has come out as the prime suspect for being the driver of the Ford Escape which was overspeeding, the vehicle which crushed numerous individuals including adults and children, this chilling incident took place during the Christmas Day parade which was happening in Waukesha. There have close shots of the driver and he has been now taken into custody by the authorities and he is being questioned on this insane stunt which has caused the lives of many and more than 40 people have gotten injured.

Wilhelm Hospel death victim of Waukesha Parade accident

It has been stated by the authorities that five people have been killed during the brutal accident on the Waukesha parade, it has been confirmed by the officials that Virginia Sorensen, James Coolidge, Wilhelm Gospel, Tamara Durand, and Leanna Owens have tragically died in the incident which has taken place on 21st November 2021.

Who was Wilhelm Hospel?

He was one of the five victims who have died because of the accident which has happened in the Waukesha Christmas parade, he was an elderly citizen who was with the group of people naming Dancing Grannies, his wife has been part of the grannies association.

The parade was supposed to be a welcoming event for Christmas and was going to be an enjoyable experience for the community until Darrel Brooks decided to go all berzerk in his red SUV and he injured more than 40 people and killed five at the time, the news of Wilhelm’s death was confirmed by his brother Theodore. Our thought and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, may his soul rest in peace.

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