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Who was Una Marson? What was Jamaican writer Una Marson’s cause of death?


Who was Una Marson? What was Jamaican writer Una Marson’s cause of death? Google Doodle seems to be giving a tribute to the life of Jamaican writer naming Una Marson in this black history month, including her work to many which she did in the UK, she was a celebrated broadcaster, she was the first black woman to be employed by BBC at the time of the Second World War. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Una Marson

Who was Una Marson?

She has worked extensively as a poet and a writer, although her contributions are less well known than her services in broadcasting deportment, she was born on 6th February in the year 1995 in Santa Cruz in Jamaica, she was the youngest daughter in the family of Rev. Solomon Marson who was a baptist minister and Ada (nee Mullings).

At a very young age, Marson decided to pursue her career in journalism, approximately 23 years ago, she became the first Jamaican female magazine publisher and editor, this was the year when she established The Cosmopolitan until the year 1930 when she was continuing a strong literacy output.

Marson went on to publish several articles during this time, she wrote two volumes of poems and she even wrote and staged a play, she was super talented and she knew the craft by heart, this was the first play to be written and staged by a Jamaican woman and she kept on making her family and country proud of her.

She moved to Big Smoke in the year 1933, she stated this desire to move to England, she described it as a passionate longing for the land of Shakespeare, Tennyson, Keate, Milton, Shelley, Wordsworth, and Byron.

Una Marson Broadcasting Career In UK

In the year 1938, she relocated herself to England, in the year 1938, she took a position at BBC where she got work with George Orwell, read her poetry alongside T.S. Eliot, she has produced the popular weekly program naming “Calling the West Indies”.This was first broadcasted in the year 1943, it was featuring short stories and poems by Caribbean authors and the likes of Samuel were featured on the BBC program.

She reminded in the UK, she continued her work as a broadcaster, an activist, and a writer for the rest of her life, she was an amazing human being and people like her are hard to find, our thoughts and prayers are always going to be with her family and friends, she was one fo the legends in the artistic industry and the media industry too and she is never going to be forgotten and thus Google Doodle is celebrating the life of a great person who has given so much to this world.

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