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Who was Todd Gitlin and what was his cause of death? Voice and Critic of the New Left, dead at 79


Who was Todd Gitlin and what was his cause of death? Voice and Critic of the New Left, dead at 79: Todd Gitlin, one of the greatest poets and a professional author has recently left this world. On February 5, he took his last breath. Many are searching for their death cause and curious to know what happened to him. Todd Gitlin was a professional author and greatest poet. Every poet which he writes is next level. He was a multi-talented person who can do multiple works at once. He was a sociologist, political activist, passionate writer, novelist, and cultural commentator. He writes for both popular and scholarly magazines about the media, politics, intellectual life, and the arts. In the 1960s, Todd became a political activist after he joined the Harvard anti-nuclear weapons group Tocsin. He rose through the ranks to become the group’s vice chairman and finally its chairman. His new novel named The Opposition follows a group of 1960s radicals through the decade. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Todd Gitlin

Todd Gitlin Death Cause

Todd Gitlin suffered from a cardiac arrest at his Hillsdale home and was taken to a hospital in nearby Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where he died on February 5, 2022. His stepdaughter named Shoshana Haulley confirmed his death news. She says when his father was sitting at home in Hillsdale, New York, doing some personal work. Suddenly, she heard the sound of falling and when she goes to check out then she found out that his father was lying on the floor without any reason.

She thinks something strange. And immediately taken to his hospital. When she takes to her father to the hospital, doctors declared him dead on the spot. If you had brought him early, then there is a chance of getting survival. Doctors claim that his death cause was getting a heart attack. Since then, he has been hospitalized in neighboring Pittsfield. He also owned a residence in Manhattan. Todd has his son which named Dorothy Gitlin who was born on January 6, 1943, in Manhattan.

Who was Todd Gitlin?

Todd Gitlin was married thrice and he had three wives. Formerly, Todd was married to activist and attorney Nancy Hollander. Nancy was an American criminal defense attorney who is best known for her representation of two Guantanamo Bay inmates as well as Chelsea Manning. But unfortunately, he divorced her and married his second wife named Carol Wolman. The reason for divorce is not disclosed to the public. His third marriage is with Laurel Ann Cook. Again the reason for the second divorce is not known yet. Laurel and Todd married in 1995 and have always had a good relationship with their third wife. His net worth is about $1 million.

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