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Who was Themsie Times and what was her cause of death? Former ‘7de Laan’ actress died


Who was Themsie Times and what was her cause of death? Former ‘7de Laan’ actress died: There has been a sad demise of a veteran actor named Themsie Times, she has died at the age of 70, her publicity manager has confirmed the death of the legendary actress’s death, her family and the SABC are yet to announce the cause of her death. She was best known for her role as Maria Zibula in the SABC2 soapie 7de Laan. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Themsie Times

Who was Themsie Times?

She joined the show at the time as a domestic worker for Oubaas and Hilda at the Heights apartments and she became a good friend to Angie which was played by Mimi Mahlasela at the time, in one of the previous interviews of the actress, Themsie admitted to being completely different from her role.

She stated that she always preferred to invest most of her time at church and work rather than socializing. In the year 2016, Themsie announced about leaving 7de Laan after 13 years, she stated she miss playing the role of Maria. She stated,  “Like her, I don’t like nonsense and I don’t shy away from the truth.”

Themsie Times Death Cause

“If someone’s wrong, I’ll tell them. I won’t talk behind someone’s back. I’ll tell them and then it’s over,” she says, sounding very much like Maria. “I care about people, and I love God. I always tell the truth,” this is what she told in the interview. Looking back at her previous storylines, she mentioned when Maria, Oubaas and Matrone made mampoer in a storeroom in the Heights and they sold it.

When Themsie Times was at the age of 17, she left her hometown in Ggeberha and moved to Johannesburg in order to pursue her dreams of acting, she also shared some of the hard times she had gone through, she stated about her alcoholic issues which she was facing at the time.

Themsie Times Tributes

There are tributes which have been flowing all over the internet for the actress who has given so many memorable roles to watch upon, she was a veteran actress and there was an ease in her work, doesn’t matter what the role is, she was simply brilliant, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, she is always going to be remembered as a legend, may her soul rest in peace.

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