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Who was The Avenger In Control Z Season 2? Hacker & Ending Explained!


One of the most famous and trending teen series titled “Control Z” is all set to release its second season on Netflix. It is a Mexican teen series that has got a tremendous response from the viewers. The previous season of the series has received a positive response from the viewers and they were eagerly waiting for the next season of the series. So now, the wait is over as the trailer of the second season of the series has come out and got an immense response from the viewers. Through this article, our viewers will come to know about all the needed details of the series including the avenger of this season.

The Avenger In Control Z Season 2

Who was The Avenger In Control Z Season 2?

As per the sources, season 2 of the series will be featured a love triangle between the main characters Raul, Javier, and Sofia. Along with this, there is also a mysterious avenger that is going to increase the craze of the viewers for Season 2. However, the series has already been released on 04 August 2021 on the Netflix app. Several fans have already enjoyed Season 2 of the series that contains 8 episodes. All 8 episodes are streaming on Netflix. The 2nd season of the series is also getting the same response as the first season.

As we all know that Raul was came out as the hacker of the first season. In this season, The avenger is a mysterious character who will be seen attacking the students of Colegio Nacional. The student has been seeing suffering a lot because of the avenger. The students will be seen buried alive, drugged, and also putting in front of bees. In the end, we will see Javier, Raul, and Sofia will investigate the whole matter and tries to get to know about the avenger. Soon the investigation will be turned into a dramatic revelation on the school.

In this season, we will also witness Susanna’s death that will happen after a rooftop fight between the students including Susanna, Maria, Gerry, Alex, Raul, Sofia, and Javier. The series is directed by Alejandro Lozano and created by Miguel Garcia Moreno, Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, and Adriana Pelusi. The series is made under Lemon Studios. The series starring Ana Valeria Becerril, Yankel Steven, Fiona Moreno, Patricio Gallardo, Michael Ronda, Macarena Garcia, and Andres Baida. The series is already streaming on 04 August on the Netflix app. If you are want to enjoy the series then catch it soon after buying the subscription to the app.

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