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Who was Tessa Ballam? Myer, 31, Tessa Ballam Died after committing suicide


Who was Tessa Ballam? Myer, 31, Tessa Ballam Died after committing suicide: A piece of news is getting viral on the internet and receiving huge attention from the netizens. The news is about Myer whose name is Tessa Ballam who has died after committing suicide. Since the news come out, everyone is shocked by this news. The news has been going viral rapidly on social media. The people who are getting the news are heartbroken. Everyone is praying for her soul. Her family members are deeply saddened after knowing that their daughter left the world so soon. Several people are searching to know the whole matter and the reason behind her death. In this article, we have brought all the answers to your question so stay tuned. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Tessa Ballam

Who was Tessa Ballam?

31 years old, Tessa Ballam was working as an accountant at Myer. She passed away on 15 August 2015. The cause of her death was suicide. She committed suicide after being bullied at her workplace. As per the reports, Tessa had informed her family members and friends too about being bullied at her workplace. Tessa was very intelligent and had an amazing IQ level.

Tessa Ballam

As per the court hearings, there were several issues with Tessa regarding her work quality and lateness. She observed that her manager was treating her like a child and was a little uncertain. She also felt that she was treated differently compared to other colleagues. On the day she committed suicide, she had got an official warning regarding her work performance. Due to her treatment at the workplace, Ballam’s confidence gradually eroded, which eventually led to death.

Tessa Ballam Cause of Death

After Tessa’s death, Myer was charged with occupational health and safety but in 2019, the case had withdrawn before the trial. A spokesperson from Myer stated that the company cooperated with the police since 2015 and will continue it in further investigation. Tessa’s death had put a significant impact on the team Myer. The organization didn’t comment on anything out of the family’s respect.

Tessa was living in Melbourn was excited to celebrate Christmas with her family. She has also bought the property with her family. A night before her demise, she said to her mother that she was feeling defeated and failed. In the court hearing, Tessa’s mother revealed that Tessa was bullied by her manager at her workplace. Tessa’s friends also gave the same statement. Tessa met Allena when they were studying charted accountants. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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