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Who was Tamar Bucci and what was her cause of death? Massachusetts State Police Trooper dead at 93


Who was Tamar Bucci and what was her cause of death? Massachusetts State Police Trooper dead at 93: According to reports, Tamar Bucci who was a graduate student of Middlesex Community College who was 34 years old has lost her life in an accident. Many Massachusetts Police officers saluted a procession held late Friday night for a Massachusetts State Police trooper killed in the line of duty nearly 24 hours earlier. Her cruiser was struck by a tanker truck on northbound Interstate 93 in Stoneham just before midnight Thursday. As a procession of cruisers escorted the trooper’s body to the medical examiner’s office, dozens of officers lined the streets to honor the sacrifice of a woman who dedicated her life to public service. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tamar Bucci

Who was Tamar Bucci?

Cops have started their investigation in which they see that the tanker was in the right-hand lane before the crash. They believe that a trooper cruiser was struck on the passenger side as she was changing lanes by indicating the light of the car. The cruiser then slammed into a rock cliff on the side of the highway. Last night, on a stretch of road she protected every night on the midnight shift, Bucci gave her life in the act of trying to help another person in distress. Cops also say that there is no greater act of sacrifice than to give one’s life for another.

Tamar Bucci Death Cause

Reports say the tanker was carrying approximately 10,000 gallons of gasoline which they usually carry in daily life. The truck driver was drunk and he didn’t see that he has hit the car. Bucci was removed from the highly damaged cruiser by two good Samaritans, and a nearby Stoneham Police officer tried CPR before she was brought to Massachusetts General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

How did Tamar Bucci die?

When this news circulated on the internet, the reaction of their parents was so bad. They are crying the whole time and didn’t eat the food. They are very sad to hear this news. The accident became a hot topic in the online media. On TV, social media sites, every news channel was covering her accident of her. People are in favor of her who lost her life. They are finding out the culprit who had done this. Her friends, her colleagues, and her close relatives know what kind of behavior she holds whenever she faces a big problem or trouble in his life. If you did more into her life, then you find out she was one of the bright students in the college and nice with her friends and with her colleagues.

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