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Who was Susan Casey From Montana? All About Women Killed By Her Husband – Murder Case


Who Was Susan Casey From Montana? All About Women Killed By Her Husband – Murder Case: In any relationship what is more important is trust and when the insect of doubt makes it space in the relationship then it becomes dangerous. One such doubt takes the life of a woman, as per the media reports, Susan Casey hailed from America is presently known to the public because of the dreadful thing that happened to her and took her life. In the month of April 2008, a woman vanished from her house which is in Glendive, Montana and she was not found for some time. About a month later, the officials discovered the body of a lady in her mid-30s, floating in the Yellowstone River, which was found to be of Susan’s. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Susan Casey

No one knew that the day prior to 12th April 2008 was the last time anyone would watch her because she was having a very normal life with herself and her kids. Even after thirteen years of the incident occurring, people are still keen to search out about her, and all this happens due to the boost of the incident’s facts by the show of NBC “Dateline”. Furthermore, concerns regarding her identity Wikipedia, the whole assassination case, and connected matters are at their top on the web right now.

Who was Susan Casey From Montana? 

Susan Casey from Montana is not available on Wikipedia as she was not a prominent figure but just a common person who became a sufferer of a serious crime. Well, there are other several sources on the Internet that have provided enough detail regarding her case. She was a 34 years old lady when she died and she also has 4 kids. She was a single mother of 4, and she had begun to have a normal life with her kids and by herself. Some sources also assert that she was an author and it was what she did for a living, and to take care of her children. Though more than just the personal information about her, details about her case are present on the Internet and media.

Susan Casey Husband And Children

Susan Casey was a lady who had gotten wedded twice, and as informed earlier, she also had 4 children. Susan was first married to Walter “Marty” Larson many years back, and they had already gotten split by the year 1998. Marty attempted different things to get back together with her, but he never succeeded. Later on, Susan married her second husband Ted Casey which is how she got her surname. In the end, she again parted her ways from him too and then was with beau Brad Holzer at the time of her demise, but Brad was married to someone else.

Susan Casey Missing and Murder Case 

In the early hours of 12th April 2008, Susan Casey vanished and was never found alive. After a month of the vanish, her body was searched in the Yellowstone River as already informed. Upon investigations and searches, her three partners became the prime suspects because all three of them were watched near her home the day of her murder. Since the last man was her beau Brad Holzer, he became an even stronger suspect.

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