Who was Sterling Williams and what was her cause of death? Westlake High School Student dead: Jacqueline Sterling Williams or simply Sterling Williams was a golf player at Marrakesh Cunty Club, Williams was not only interested and involved in golf but she also enjoyed watching college football and tennis, she even resided in the County Club so that she could watch the golf matches from the comfort of her own house. The woman was a much-loved person in the community and lived an inspiring life, here is everything available to know about the woman Sterling Williams including other personal details about her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Sterling Williams

Who was Sterling Williams?

Sterling Williams was a sports specialist who is known for her love for golf, tennis and golf. She was a passionate woman who knew every fact and detail about the sports which she loved, her professional details are unknown, Sterling loved playing golf and was known for her knowledge of the game. She was such an enthusiastic person, she has enjoyed talking about sports every time and attended every game that she could during her time.

Sterling Williams Death Cause

It has been revealed by the obituary that Sterling William’s passing but they have not opened up about the reason for her death, she was an old woman so there is a probability that she died due to old age as a natural phenomenon, Sterling passed away suddenly and the obituary didn’t mention any specific about her illness or accident. There seems to be a high possibility that it is a peaceful natural death, she has died on 27th February at the age of 94.

Sterling Williams Husband and Family

She was married to her husband naming William Walker Williams, Sterling and her husband Walker got married in the year 1949 and remained together for 47 years until her man passed away in the year 1998 as per Desert Sun. Moving onto her family she was survived by her sister Hope Sterling Kelly and four children.

It seems like there has been a sad demise of a woman who has seen a lot in her life, she was in peace in her last years, she has been an inspiration to many and there are many tributes which are coming on the internet for the woman, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased, she is always going to be missed, may her soul rest in peace.


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