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Who was Senia Aguilera and what was her cause of death? Killeen High School student Dead


Who was Senia Aguilera and what was her cause of death? Killeen High School student Dead: Death is the ultimate truth of life and it is so hard to be swallow or accept. Human is actually so to be an exam that our loved one is not going to be in front of us ever now but all we have is memories and we have to be ahead in our life. Do you must be wanting why we are talking about that as we are here with the most evident and thus hurting death of killeen High School student whose name is Senia Aguilera. So let’s not delay anymore and grab all the related details of her sudden demise. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Senia Aguilera

Who was Senia Aguilera?

There is news about her that she had been made to a most terrible accident and bi a train. You have read it write that Senia Aguilera is no more in this world and why Tu accident by a train. The incident had been taking place to her on March 8 2022 in the afternoon. As per the confirmed sources she was just 15 years old and huge pain of losing her. She was too young to be passed away this early. She was a student of a Killeen High School.

Senia Aguilera Death Cause

She was so active in her school and is also known by the faculty. Teachers know about her very well as she was the intelligent disciplined and dedicated student of her school. People participated in several or many of the competitions at her school and also received medals and trophies from the principal. Her friends are so disheartened to be no that she is no more in this world and they will never ever going to be meet her are also taking over to their social media platforms and paying their tribute in their painful words.

The accident took place at 4:38 p.m. on 38th street which is near her school. As per the sources she wasn’t aware about the train is on its way and so she met a sudden accident. No more words to express the grief of her fan’s friends and family but say that they are mourning her loss and it is so hard for them to be bear the pain of her sudden demise. Our deepest and heartfelt condolences are with her family and friends.

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