Home News Calgary ICU Nurse Overdose: ICU Nurse Overdose Alberta Dies From Apparent Drug

Calgary ICU Nurse Overdose: ICU Nurse Overdose Alberta Dies From Apparent Drug


Who was Season Foremsky? ICU Nurse Overdose Alberta: Calgary ICU Nurse Dies From Apparent Drug Overdose, Calgary ICU Nurse Overdose With a heartbroken heart we are sharing the demised death news of a nurse. The name of the late nurse is Season Foremsky used to build shock of color-think about hot pink and purple to her long brown hair in order to bring smiles to the faces of people. She loved watching kids’ films along with her two little girls and also spending her time with them. She used to take her children to the park and her favorite song was Fade to Black which was sung by Metallica. She also depicted a tattoo of a Phoenix on her hip.

ICU Nurse Overdose Alberta

Who was Season Foremsky?

Talking about the work profession of Ms. Foremsky was an ICU and ER nurse, who used to care for COVID-19 patients at Calgary’s South Health Campus. She has passed at her house this week, in an evident drug overdose In the days and months before, Ms. Foremsky informed the trauma and abuse health care professionals face in the premises of hospitals as the lethal coronavirus ongoing pandemic stretches on.

ICU Nurse Overdose Alberta

Ms Foremsky wrote on her Facebook on 17th September 2021, “I am tired. I cry prior to my shifts. I have serious anxiety but I still give the best care I can” At the beginning of that week, demonstrates protested against vaccines, masks, and vaccine passports outside health care facilities throughout the nation. In the month of December, Ms. Foremsky was vaccinated against Covid-19 and featured in a video for Alberta Health Services promoting the shot. That appeared in “disgusting comments” but she nursed and cared for the patients as best she could and all these things she said on Facebook.

Calgary ICU Nurse Overdose

Ms Foremsky stated a statement by referencing a phrase the United Conservative Party mostly used to promote its decision to raise the public-health restrictions on Canada Day. She wrote, “Fast forward to “the best summer ever” as us health care workers cried and we are frightened. We have PTSD, went on medical leave and even leave or quit as every single one of us saw this wave coming.”

The health care system of Alberta is failing under the crush of the 4th wave. Overfull intensive-care units are scarcity staffed and AHS is only able to keep step with admissions as so many people are dying, On Wednesday, there were around 263 patients with COVID-19 in the ICUs of Alberta along with 27 new admissions. In the meantime, Alberta recorded 20 demised owing to the lethal virus on Wednesday and on Tuesday 34 fatalities.

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