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Who was Roger Graef and what was his cause of death? American-British filmmaker dead at 85


Who was Roger Graef and what was his cause of death? American-British filmmaker dead at 85: It was sad to say this Roger Graef has died at the age of 85. He is no longer with us. He was known for his documentary maker who passed away recently. The death cause was natural. He doesn’t have any illness which he is suffering from or suffering from cancer. Not even one. He died naturally. In this article, we gonna take a look into his personal life. Roger Graef was a BAFTA-winning documentary filmmaker. He has created over 30 documentaries on the police and judicial system in the UK. Many people liked it and people still watch it. Some of his most successful documentaries named were One of Them is Brett, State of The Nation: A Law in the Making and Police. Graef also directed some TV specials including the first three Amnesty International comedy galas between 1976 and 1979. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Roger Graef

Who was Roger Graef?

According to the reports, there is no death cause was found. Once doctors will post mortem his body then they give the cause. Many people and even officials say that his death cause was natural. There is no ailment or illness that he suffering from. But this statement is just passed by the people which they don’t have any solid proof or any evidence. Talking about his funeral, his family didn’t disclose it as they want to keep hiding it from everybody. On Channel Four, this was the first channel in which they announce the news of his demise on March 2, 2022. On Wednesday morning, Graef took his last breath, and unfortunately, doctors can’t save him.

Roger Graef Death Cause

It was heartbreaking news for him, for his family, for his close ones. Even his fans were shocked and can’t believe that his death news was real. His friends, his colleagues who knew him are sending their prayers via social media. Everybody who knew him knew how precious he was when it comes to his documentaries. No one has made it like him.

How did Roger Graef die?

If someone tries to make him then it’s difficult for that person to overcome him because some of his documentaries are beyond the level and can’t imagine how he goes beyond the limits of nature, of the universe. There are some documentaries available if you still find them then you have to think twice from which perspective he was talking about. Roger Graef was a married, person. His wife’s name is Susan Mary Richards. They both met in the year of 1986. Before he married, he married his first wife whose name is Karen Bergemann in 1971 and divorced her in 1983. So, eventually, Susan was his second wife.

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