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Who was Rob Skiba and what was his cause of death? Anti-Vax Flat Earth Preacher Dies


Who was Rob Skiba? Dallas Editor & Public Speaker Rob Skiba Dead, What was his cause of death? There has been a sad demise of the co-founder of King’s Gate Media naming Rob Skiba, according to Linked In, the firm was founded in the year 2010 when Rob was also serving as a producer, Skiba is also known as the author of Babylon Rising, a book which was published in the year 2013 and is related to the Mayan prophecies. Some of the other famous books are Archon Invasion, Wisdom from the Torah series, Seed series, and many more, the writer was regarded as the leader of the evangelical flat society, people are paying him respect after the news about his death broke out. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Rob Skiba

Rob Skiba Cause of Death

The reason for his death hasn’t been stated as of yet, the only information is that he has passed away on 14th October, there has been no statement from the family as of yet about the cause for his death, it is our advice to the users, not to disturb the family of the deceased as they just be going through some difficult times and it is better to respect their private space in such times.

Death is such a piece of tragic news for anyone as the loss of someone is a big loss that can never be filled. One such death of an influential figure in a flat earth and Christian circles, Rob Skiba has recently passed away and his death is a big loss to the world. His followers and admirers are in a big shock and could not able to believe his death. He passed away after suffering from lethal Coronavirus and his death news is confirmed by his colleagues on Thursday. According to the source, he had been battling the virus since at least late August, when he started exhibiting symptoms after “Take On The World”, a biblical flat earth conference.

Who was Rob Skiba?

The publication hasn’t confirmed the information on Tob Skiba’s funeral plans and visitations, he has been described as a good conspiracy theorist, he was an expert when it comes to the study of “Nephilim”, the theory was based upon the idea that there is a group of large people and stong humans who are often called as “sons of Gods”.

He worked at the West Ministers for seven long years, he also contributes as a Freelance Multimedia Technician for Zasco Productions, he was also the owner of New Frontier Production Company and he is also a retired USArmy Sargeant.

How did Rob Skiba die?

Rob Skiba has been suffering from new coronary pneumonia, he was admitted to the hospital and he was using a ventilator as he was admitted to the intensive care unit. Rob Skiba is being survived by his first wife who got separated in the year 2003 because of which he was having brought time personally.

However, as he met Sheila Skiba, his whole life got changed, the pair started off with a new beginning, the couple went on many trips together all over the world, it was the time when he started studying revolution and this is where he got the idea of going against the system.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased.


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  1. Expert on nephilim? According to whom? The guy was as a retarded as David Icke and the like. Nobody ever believed the earth was flat, that’s a myth started in the 1860’s or so. Based on a a work of fiction, by an author with an agenda to put faith against science. Rob Skiba was a bonehead or worse a liar. Sorry to hear he’s dead, but glad his ignorance will be silenced. P.S. whoever wrote this article needs to use spell check and also learn basic English grammar.

  2. This is a mantle i would be honored to carry. This was an amazing,Brilliant, Heaven sent Man of God. My prayers and heart goes out to the family.

  3. Rob Skiba stuck his neck out, willing to be hated and called a fool for the truths he revealed. I’m grateful I found him a few years back. He taught me what the church didn’t and won’t. He gave Bible scripture to back up his claims and how anyone can mock a child of God for being able to do that is beyond me. You did a great job, Rob!! See you on the other side, brother!

  4. He will be missed. I have been with him on his journey from prophecy club. Flat earth and Sabbath keeping. Love the guy. Praying for family. He was a Hero in our time.

  5. The Holy Spirit led me to him 6yrs ago. Great teacher. Thank you Rob. I know I’ll see you again and we can sit down and have the chat we never had here.

  6. My wife & I loved hearing Rob Skiba talk knowledgeably about topics that that really interest us. We will definitely mourn his sudden transitioning.


  8. Im so sorry. How do I remove this comment? I’m SOOO ANGRY THAT THEY KILLED ROB!!@ He and Zen have been my only teachers for almost a decade. I know ventilators kill and I wish someone would come foreward and tell the truth! Was he was murdered? Please forgive my comment above and delete it. I’m SO SORRY TO ALL HIS LOVED ONES.

    • You are right, ventilators kill! I was admitted to the hospital at the end of August, with low oxygen levels (44%). Like Rob, the Dr.’s wanted to put me on a ventilator. We (my wife) fought them off. I actually had a Dr. begging me. I refused after I asked my chances of going on a vent. Dr said 50/50. Come to find out odds are worse than that. Told them only way is if I’m coding! The hospitals make big money by getting people on vents. I am saddened to hear of Rob’s passing. He was a warrior for YHWH!

  9. Resting in the arms of Jesus Christ now brother….you are home!!! See you in glory and thankyou for all your ministering of the truth I learnt so much truth from you …we were on the same page …my condolences to Rob’s family ….peace be with you all

    • Amen to that, Lisa. Rob was a true warrior of God. He was murdered in cold blood by the sold out doctors. He is with Christ now. When THE KING comes back He will do justice for all this injustice we see everyday. The dead will be revenged while witnessing for themselves the wrath of God being poured over the wicked; the sons of darkness. Maranatha! Our Lord is coming soon!

  10. @Detreich – You are blue pilled pile of blind demon dung…
    Rob Skiba will be missed by many and it’s extremely unfortunate that he was admitted to a hospital where they have all been killing people with ventilators. I firmly believe had he been able to recover at home without hospital “care”, he’d still be alive. Rob got to go home early, but his battle against the lies of Satan will never be forgotten! See ya soon brother! ALL KNEES WILL BOW VERY SOON!!

    • Rob was not delusional like many of us aren’t. We will face God in Judgement so we will all know whether Rob was right and was he murdered. He’s certainly in heaven. So we will also know how God will judge you, whether you will be in heaven or cast into the Lake of Fire in hell.

    • By your avatar pic, you are here on this page either as an agent of the darkness, or as a truth seeker. Either way, God bless your soul and may the Holly Spirit open up your eyes to see Rob for who he truly was. He was a fighter. He was one of God’s most powerful teachers and I might add, prophets of our time. I pray you may find truth. And please, if you don’t know what that pyramid stands for, change that avatar.

  11. Remember..the battle continues. Don’t relinquish, don’t blink, don’t capitulate on any front. He’s YHWH anointed warrior for the truth. Keep vigilant, keep on going, and remember Yahweh is on our side.

  12. I only learned about Rob Skiba a year or two ago, about when I become Christian, and started following many different righteous preachers online. I’ve learned so much from a few dozen videos, and other research of his work, and I’ll continue learning from Rob into the future, long after he passed over the rainbow bridge to the other side, where he is waiting for us. He was one of those special people who God used to spread the gospel truth, and other truths – for that he was crucified by ventilator, as most people here likely understand.

  13. Rob Skiba was my first source of information on Flat Earth and the Nephilim. Found out about Flat Earth from a friend. I denied all of his affirmations for a couple of weeks, after which the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see the truth. Jesus Christ, please receive Rob’s soul in your everlasting Kingdom for he has borne much fruit.

  14. Although no proof to support my accusation, I sense that if he was intubated, he WAS killed by the doctors who initiate incorrect protocols, willfully and aware because they get paid by the Big Pharma to keep and kill covid patients in hospitals, thus raising the death toll, thus keeping the fear strong among the populations, thus easily implementing draconic measures to steal our freedoms.

  15. the conference was attacked with a fresh virus from the lab, then when they got Skiba in the hospital and isolated, then the started slowly contaminating him with Ricin. Now, not all the doctors and nurses were in on it and were not aware, it is just one CIA nurse that did this.

  16. Rob Skiba will be missed greatly..he was a bright light in a dark World . He loved the Lord and opened many eyes and hearts turning non believers to believers
    We were blessed with his contributions and time here on earth ……god bless his family and ease their pain and grief ……the good ones are often taken early and we rest in the knowledge they are with the Heavenly Father ….


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