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Who Was RIKY RICK And What Was His Cause Of Death? South African Rapper Dead At 34


Who was Riky Rick and how did he die, what was his cause of death? SA Rapper dead at 34: We had a lot of expectations with this year but just like the past two years, this year brought many demise news of prominent figures. This month should be marked as the black month as we have lost many musical gems and now a new name is added to this list. As per the latest report, popular rapper Riky Rick whose real name was Rikhado Makhado has passed away. He took his last breath at the age of 34. His passing news is officially confirmed by the family of the rapper. The family of the rapper asserted that he passed early on Wednesday, 23rd of January 2022. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Riky Rick

Who was Riky Rick?

In a released statement sent to a news outlet, the mourning family asked for privacy and prayers. The statement reads: “The family of South African artist named Riky Rick with profound sadness this afternoon asserted his untimely passing. Son, brother, husband, uncle, and father, Riky “Ricky” Makhado (34-years-old) unfortunately died in the early hours of this morning (23rd of February 2022) in Johannesburg.”


Riky Rick burst into the fame of mainstream with his platinum-certified Family Values in the year 2015 after making a name for himself and claiming his influence in South Africa hip-hop culture for many years behind the scenes. He gifted the world with hit and successful songs including Sidlukotini, Amantombazane, and Boss Zonke. The brand of rapper became synonymous with fashion due to his style and love for fine clothes and culture. He became an ideal for the all-cool children and light for forthcoming artists who he embraced publicly.

Riky Rick Cause Of Death?

One of his greatest accomplishments, in addition to his musical legacy, is the establishment of the Cotton Festival, which was due to make a comeback in the year 2022 after taking a break thanks to a break thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the year 2020, the rapper opened up about his struggle with depression after his father passed away.


The star, who took a break from live performances a few years back to deal with depression, informed listeners of his podcast series LAB LIVE that he suffered from “chronic depression” and was on a “devastating path” after losing his father. “I lost my father at a time when I required the aid. I lost him at a time when I required that voice. A lot of people do not understand that you can never replace the voice of a father. It was not like he just passed away, it was like 18 years, living with your dad for a year, and then going back to your mother. I love being with my mother but living with him for a year. A child is never meant to live sans his parents.”

Riky Rick Death Cause

The late rapper is survived by his wife Bianca Naidoo and 2 children.

Recently, there is a report that came out on the internet that Riky Rick has died at the age of 34. Many fans were shocked after hearing his sudden death news. Riky Rick was a professional rapper who did his own job very greatly and very impressively.  For most of you who don’t know his real name then we will tell you that his real name was Rikhado Makhado. When the death news reached his parents, they were first shocked and didn’t believe it but when they realise that the news is true their hearts were broken. They started crying the whole time.


His parents didn’t eat dinner last night. Many were support them, the relatives, the close ones, the friend’s parents all supported them in that situation. Many reactions were coming from all over the world. Most of the reactions are supporting and helping. Many said through comments that my best wishes and prayers are always with you and to your family, some are giving tributing to him, some say that you are dead on this planet but not in our hearts. People still remembered him. Many of them who have aspirations with him, who have dreams with him, all we remembered him. One wrote those people who left from this world, they are not dead. We can still remember him by his memories.


How did Riky Rick die?

The death news was confirmed by the officials. Currently, his family was in South Africa. The son, husband, father, brother, and uncle were sad after hearing this news. He passed away at the age of 34 in the early hours of this morning February 23 in Johannesburg. He burst into mainstream fame with his platinum-certified Family Values in 2015 after making a name for himself and asserting his influence in SA hip hop culture for several years behind the scenes.

Many think that God gifted him a great voice that hit the songs including AMantomabazane, Boss Zonke, and Sidlukotini. His songs touched many people’s hearts. Many were emotional, sentimental, crying. Many were happy, energetic, exciting, move on, inspirational. These kinds of songs he makes where people still love him.

The amazing fact was that those songs that were super hits are still listenable and still many people have liked them. Those songs are still likable and many were happy to listen to him again and again and again. Many were remember him by his voice and still listenable if you get any time.

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