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Who was Richard Lane and what was his cause of death?


Who was Richard Lane and what was his cause of death?: Nowadays Richard Lane’s name is becoming viral on the internet as some rumors are claiming that the owner of the Kidderminster Harriers football club has died and netizens are being curious about to know whether Richard Lane is dead or alive? Richard is best known as the chairman and the owner of the prominent football club Kidderminster Harriers but news regarding his death has made his name come under the limelight of the media, let’s move forward to take a look at this news and read about him comprehensibly through this article as our reader will be educated on this hot topic on the town after reading down this page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Richard Lane

Who was Richard Lane?

Kidderminster Harriers is the football club but this club is at the bottom of the ranking table in this season but this club never failed to entertain its fans as the club has netted a big windfall and on the coming Saturday they will face West Ham. FA Cup’s fourth round will witness the encounter between Kidderminster Harriers and West Ham this weekend and fans of the Kidderminster Harriers FA club have been bolstered after knowing that the club will get a £1.3 million. Read the next section to know about Kidderminster Harriers’ owner.

Richard Lane Death Cause

Kidderminster Harriers FA club is owned by Richard Lane and he is also the proprietor of an IT firm. Recently he said in an interview that this season of his FA club has become wonderful which elevated the players and club’s supporters. He also added that the money that the club will get from the results would become an insurance policy for securing the club’s self-sufficiency for many years and this is the best outcome for us from this season. Follow the next section to know whether Richard Lane is dead or alive.

How did Richard Lane die?

For the past few days, some rumors are circulating on social media which are claiming that the owner of the Kidderminster Harriers has handed his life but all rumors are just making a castle in the air as there is no official affirmation by the side of Richard Lane’s family on his death. Due to no affirmation and statement from his family and club despite the circulation of rumors on social media we are assuming that Richard Lane is alive. Moreover, if we look toward his income and net worth it is estimated that he is holding a net worth of 5 million USD.

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