Home News Who was Rayyan Meninggal Dunia and what was his cause of death?

Who was Rayyan Meninggal Dunia and what was his cause of death?


Who was Rayyan Meninggal Dunia and what was his cause of death?: The entire world is currently mourning the demise of a Moroccan child and sending their prayers. As per the latest report, the case of the death of a Moroccan child named Rayan Awram who lost his life after falling into a 32-meter deep well has become the focus of the global community. Obviously, Malaysians are no abnormality who have not stopped expressing their sorrow ness over the demise of this innocent child. The review of MStar on Sunday morning, 6th February 2022 discovered the story continued to be mentioned by Malaysian cybercitizens until the name of Rayyan trended on social media platforms. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Rayyan Meninggal Dunia

Who was Rayyan Meninggal Dunia?

The internet user wrote, “May heaven with you, Rayan! All pray for you, may your souls be showered with the grace and blessings of God.” Another user wrote, “Allah. May Rayan be placed in heaven with other holy children.” The illustration of Rayan is also shared on social media sites. One another netizens wrote, “One world prays for you and one world proves to love you but Allah loves you more Rayan. Rest In Peace.”

The official Twitter page of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) also posted a sympathy message for the family of Rayyan around 07:54 AM on Sunday. “The entire world is sad. The brother of Rayyan was asserted dead by the Moroccan government. Condolences to the parents and family of the deceased. Rest the brother of Rayan in heaven. Al-Fatihah,” stated on the official Twitter operator of Jakim.

Rayyan Meninggal Dunia Death Cause

In the meantime Muar Member of Parliament, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman also shared his tweet on his official Twitter handle, explaining the news of the departure of the child as sad news. Syed Saddiq penned to his 1.3 million followers on Twitter which reads that “Very sad news. Damailah brother with those who are blessed by the Father in Heaven.

Besides that, the official Twitter account of the Mydin department store also shared a black and white picture of Rayan, attended by a condolences message from him. Earlier, the Royal Palace of Morocco asserted the news of the death of the child. The results of the Preliminary examination discovered that the child suffered wounds to the spine and the lungs. Rayan has been trapped in the well near his house in the small village of Ighrane, around 125 miles from the town of Chefchaouen, since Tuesday afternoon. Allegedly, Rayan passed away prior to the rescue team managing to get him out of the hole of the well.

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