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Who was Rayburn Cardenas Barron? Shot Dead By Ali Nasser Abulaban – Jinkid Shooting Incident Explained


Who was Rayburn Cardenas Barron? Shot Dead By Ali Nasser Abulaban – Jinkid Shooting Incident Explained: A shooting incident has happened at an East Village high-rise apartment that took the life of one person. The name of the deceased person was Rayburn Cardenas Barron who was the sufferer of the firing incident at an East Village. He was assassinated in last Thursday’s killing at the Spire San Diego luxury apartment complex. Later on, he was pronounced demised on the accident spot. A man who turned out to be the sufferer’s husband Ali Nasser Abulaban got arraigned of cold-bloodedly shooting his wife and Barron. He is arrested and charged with both assassinations. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Ali Nasser Abulaban Arrested

Who was Rayburn Cardenas Barron?

Rayburn Cardenas Barron was a twenty-nine-year-old guy who got assassinated in a lethal shooting. Concerned Authorities have released the statement that he was killed by a TikTok Star, named Ali Nasser Abulaban. Not only this TikTok star also killed her wife who was found to be the companion of Barron. San Diego cops reported a firing at around 03:10 PM on Thursday at the apartment building. After the gunshots, the officer found two corpses with apparent gunshot injuries to the upper bodies in the living room of a 35th-floor apartment.

The sufferer, Abulaban tied the wedding knot to the suspect, and Barron was listed as her “companion” by cops.

Jinnkid Shooting IncidentĀ Update

Ali Abulaban, whose name on TikTok is Jinnkid who was apprehended and charged for the firing incident. Abulaban, who has more than 940K followers on video making app, is a social media influencer. He is most cherished for his comedy impressions and skits.

He was detained sans incident and later apprehended. He was charged with the assassination of his twenty-eight-year-old wife, Ana Abulaban, and her companion Ray Cardenas Barron. Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast disclosed that Ana was trying to leave the marriage prior to domestic violence with Ali and jealousy was assumed the main reason for the assassination.

With his five-year-old daughter, Abulaban was stopped by cops near the 805 and 15 freeways interchange. She is now in the care of the other family members. Their child was not with him at the time of firing, report police.

Following the Jinkid firing incident, the suspected murderer was booked into prison on two counts of first-degree murder. Absolutely, he also has accusations of using a handgun in the slaying, meaning he could face the death penalty if convicted. The district attorney was also selected to continue capital punishment. Though, the suspect Ali Nasser Abulaban was arrested Monday afternoon in a downtown San Diego courtroom and argued not guilty to all allegations and counts.

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