Who was Raima Islam Shimu, Bangladeshi Actress Murdered – Age, Instagram, Husband, Suspect or Killer Name: News about the access from Bangladesh is going on every media channel of the country. She is Raima Islam Shimu, she was reported missing and the officials were indulged in her search. After which they found her dead, this is the most searched news and also circulating on the social media platforms. She was married and her acting was amazing and engaging for her fans. They love her for her amazing and tremendous acting in the Bangla films. She was beautiful and attractive. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Raima Islam Shimu

Who was Raima Islam Shimu?

She was skilled and the way she use to be put on any character very well. Just after her missing report police were involved in a preliminary investigation and they even gave their best to her search. She was a happy soul and hardworking too. As it wasn’t easy for her to be an actress in the Bangla film industry, she had been struggled a lot and proved herself at every single step. Which pays her a success, she enjoyed her life and then she fall in love with her husband after which they were tied the knot to each other.

Raima Islam Shimu: Bangladeshi Actress Murdered

But she never knew that her husband can be her killer also. This is so disheartening that a living husband can be a criminal too. Her dead body was found near an area of Dhaka’s Keraniganj bridge. This is the very famous bridge of this place and it is killer now that she had been killed by her husband. As per the police, her body was in a bad condition and it was smelling bad. Police found her body on Monday in the morning as someone informed them on call and when they reached there, they found that it was an actress Raima Islam Shimu.

Raima Islam Shimu: Age, Instagram, Husband, Suspect or Killer Name

So the locals of the area informed the police after the preliminary investigation officials got to know that it was her husband who killed her. Then they detained her husband, Shakhawat Ali Nobe. And he was the one who had been filled the missing complaint of his wife. So it was just part of his plan so that no one could doubt him. Later he himself accepted and confessed his crime but the reason behind the murder is yet to be known. The body of an actress was sent for autopsy. Raima Islam Shimu worked in 25 films, her husband is on three days remand.


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