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Who was Pule Mlambo and what was his cause of death? Funeral Pictures Revealed


Who was Pule Mlambo and what was his cause of death? Funeral Pictures Revealed: We are here with the most saddened demise of a youth activist and staff member at Luthuli House. Pile Mleambo is no more between us. He was the renowned personality who was best known as the senior staff never at Luyhuli House for the African National Congress. He passed away at aged 59. He was facing a serious illness. He is family known for his long servings to his career at the ANC. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pule Mlambo

Who was Pule Mlambo?

In 1980 he was a youth activist and he gave his best to the party. He used to be hugged several times with his efforts for the party and whenever he raises his voice for the welfare of society. He was the national spokesperson of the Pule Mabe and once he had been said that Malambo was an underground Umkhonto. He was eve foundered the congress of SA students and that has been also formed the part of the SA Youth Congress. As we all know that the Political parties were unbanned in 1990, The Anc has been reminded of their youth league so that they could include Cosas along with other progressive youth organizations.

Pule Mlambo Death Cause

Mlambo was a man who gave his best to his party, he was helped to organic the Soweto Civic Association at the end of the 1980s, in 1995 he has been eventually served, he even served at the Johannesburg community for the greatest part of his life. The ANC veteran was a councilor who was best known as metropolitan council public relations. He was ill for so long and his family was taking care of him with their all efforts.

He had been survived by his wife Audi Mapholo. Here is a tweet from Mabe which reads, “In CVomrade Pule Mlambo, the party has been lost the most important and the renewed personality. He was so disciplined and dependable cadre who had beyond the call of duty. It was just to ensure the movement fulfill the best role by him. In short, he had been given his best to the party.”

Pule Mlambo Funeral Pictures

There are so many tributes for him which reads, “I’m so heartbroken to receive the sudden demise of Pile. This is awful news that we lost the great South African. My greatest and deepest sympathy has been gone to his wife, children, and other loved ones. Rest In Peace.” Stay tuned to us to grab the exact cause of his death.

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