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Who was Pot Roast Tiktok Cat and what was her cause of death? Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died


Who was Pot Roast Tiktok Cat and what was her cause of death? Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died: TikTok’s Most loved cat, “Pot Roast” has died because of some ongoing health issues according to her human mother. Pot Roast human mother announced by a video on social media that Pot Roast had died at 1.47 am on Wednesday 16 February. she said in the video, “when I saw Pot Roast this morning, I could feel that she was done fighting and even though I was not done fighting for her I let her go”. she captioned to the video. The pot Roast owner also said Pot Roast went to sleep in my arms. In the end, it was just her and me. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pot Roast Tiktok Cat

Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Died

The owner described that “Pot Roast’s health had been declining in recent weeks after she tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus, an infection which attacks the cat’s immune system. As Pot Roast’s owner, the virus had progressed to her bone marrow, and her body was no longer producing red or white blood cells. then earlier this week, she was admitted to the veterinary hospital for blood transformation but after that, she suffered a seizure due to low blood sugar.

Who was Pot Roast Tiktok Cat?

Pot Roast is a cat well-loved on TikTok. viewers like to watch her videos. her videos got more than 64 million likes in total. when social media netizens learn the news of her death, this news immediately went viral on the social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. Netizens are sharing her old videos on their accounts. they are also sharing their feeling for Post Roast. Many social media users expressed their views of her. how she was so precious for them. many users say she was a lucky charm for their days. when they saw her, their day become special. she was a positive energy distributor. who also shared good vibes through her videos.


Pot Roast Tiktok Cat Death Cause

  • One of the TikTok users said she had the most perfect life a cat can ask for. Thank you for giving her that, she deserved it, and you deserved her,”
  • Another user said, ‘Thank you for sharing Pot Roast with the world. she brought to light when it felt like there was none. when she was the luckiest cat to have you”.
  • Another fan wrote I am so sorry. You loved Pot Roast so much and it came through in every video. Thank You for being there for her until the very end.
  • Pot Roast had a fan following from all over the world. she is very missing for their fans. her fans also praying for her.

Recently, there was a piece of news coming out on the internet that a famous TikTok cat Pot Roast has died. Millions of people are mourning her. In this article, we gonna discuss her. So, without any delay, let’s get started. The Famous Tik Tok cat has loved by everyone. Cat has touched many hearts, especially his owner. On Wednesday, the owner has confirmed the news. The owner says that she was fighting with feline Aids for a long time and we didn’t know how she came into contact with the disease. We literally don’t know. The owner continued to say, We will know when we get a schedule to the doctor for a check-up. When doctors diagnosed her, they say she is suffering from a disease that is rare. We immediately started the treatment of her and so some basic tests of her.

Many of her fans who know her are in shock and started posting a heartbreak tribute to the much-loved pet according to some sources. The owner said in a sad tone, My little bird left me at 11:47 A.M. this morning. They took the last clip of her and me which was posted on Instagram. When I saw Pot Roast this morning I could feel that she was done fighting and even though I wasn’t done fighting for her, I let her go. I took her in my arms for the last time. And feels like she is not alone I’m with her. But in the end, it was just her and me. And I am very grateful for every moment that I spent with her and me. Those moments are just memories now which can’t be deleted from my mind.

After a day the cat’s owner posts under the username Pot Roast’s Mom revealed that the popular feline had been back to vet hospital. She had a second blood transfusion yesterday and a seizure from low blood sugar last night. They are monitoring her and possibly going to give a third blood transfusion. I don’t know how much time we have left and I don’t want to spend it on social media so I am going to distance myself. Her owner feels her end was near so she took the phone and do a live stream with Pot Roast on Instagram for the last time. Within a few seconds, she was getting responses from all over the world. Many were giving RIP comments, saying We all love you so much and always miss her.

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