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Who was Pialba, Woman killed in horror crash Bowenville Accident


Who was Pialba, Woman killed in horror crash Bowenville Accident: In Bowenville, two people have lost their lives in a fatal car accident. How did it happen, what’s the time of the accident, where did they go, who’s driving the car, who’s the victim? All of your answers are in this article. So, Stay tuned with us. And Let’s begin the whole accident. A 22-year-old Guy named Pialba young lady and a 45-year-old Nobby man was going on a vacation trip. Pialba (a 22-year-old young lady) was sitting at the front side holding the steering wheel. She was the driver. Nooby (a 45-year-old guy) was sitting next to Pialba, enjoying the view, and at the same time, he was busy with his phone. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bowenville Accident

Bowenville Accident Today

Everything was going normal. But then there was a semi-trailer truck that came with overspeeding. At the same time, Pialba’s was driving next to the trailer. The truck driver was trying to change his lane with overspeeding, he didn’t look back in the rear mirror forcefully takes a sharp turn, and crashed into the pole. She didn’t have enough time to think about what she will do. Finally, they both collided with each other and were found near Oakleigh Park Road.  The condition of the car and truck was brutal.

The bonnet of the car was completely broken, the windshield, car windows, front tiers were fully damaged while the truck got some minor damages like the front window and the headlights were broken. But not get enough damage to it. Officials say that the accident happened in the morning at around 8:30 am. Police are finding out the evidence and inquiring from the people who were present at the accident. They are also founding the dashcam video in which they got some clue who’s the main victim.  The investigation is still going on but officials didn’t get any solid proof to reach the conclusion.

Who was Pialba?

We didn’t find any social media account in the name of Pialba so their identity is missing if you find any details regarding her and her family then you can contact this page or you drop down the message through comments. Many people are tributing to her on social media saying with unknown identity. This news has been surrounded by all over the internet and people are talking about who is the main culprit. Cops are no answers for this.  But they are trying to reach the main victim. Till then the case is a mystery.

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