Who was Paige Rice and what was her cause of death? Instagram influencer died in a car accident: Paige Rice this name is pretty much known to you as she was an influencer and has been passed away in a tragic car accident. This news ai making her fans so disheartened. It isn’t easy for them to be beloved about her death. This is a sudden death of her and her friends are also in grief. People are now searching for her name on the web as they are getting curious to know more about her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paige Rice

Who was Paige Rice?

In the article below you will be going to be updated with her complete bio. But before this let us tell you how she has died in a terrible accident. She was in her car and the accident took place on Sunday on October 17, 2021. She was with her boyfriend in Audi and his car was met to a collision. this accident took place in the Queensway tunnel at Liverpool. It was almost around 12:25 am. Their car collided with a taxi whose driver is in his 40’s. He is also injured in the accident but not with severe injuries. Rice’s boyfriend has been also injured and his injuries are so severe but he has been still survived after a tragic accident. While Rice lost her life in this.

Paige Rice cause of death? 

She was an Instagram influencer and she was into a car selling business another than she was a technician also. She was just 22 years old and ahs a huge amount of followers son images. She was fashion addicted and her fashion sense was appreciated. You can visit her Instagram which is filled with her pictures in which she has been seen with her friends and family members. She was a party-going girl and also dedicated to her business and work life.

Her mother gave a statement that “we were recently talked about and she shared that I lost my daughter and I don’t know how I will going to live my life now.”

Paige Rice car accident Video

Whereas her follower also pays their tribute to her. And they are sharing their deep and heartfelt condolence to her friends and family. One of her followers wrote, “Rice was the most attractive and passionate girl for her work. She was beautiful and intelligent as well. At the age of 22, she has been received so much in her life with her hard work. She was built with big dreams and she even made the things happen for her.”


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