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Who was Paige Dougall and what was her cause of death? Ella Henderson pay Tributes and GoFundMe


Who was Paige Dougall and what was her cause of death? Ella Henderson pay Tributes and GoFundMe: A piece of most disheartening news covers the headlines today which brings shock waves and mourning all over social media platforms. As per multiple news reports, the 17-year-old, who had Ewing’s Sarcoma, tragically died on Wednesday, 5 January 2022 after a 2-year fight. The inspiring Kirkcaldy teen recently recorded a song with pop star Ella Henderson, which shot into the United Kingdom’s top 40. The emotional track, titled “I’m Going Through Hell” was about her cancer battle and focused to raise awareness about her sickness-which attacks the bones. As soon as her passing news appeared online, the tributes and condolences messages flooded on social media platforms. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paige Dougall

Who was Paige Dougall?

The Fife teen released a charity single alongside Scots singer Callum Beattie last year. The charity song focused to raise money for the charities that had supported Paige. Both artists paid tribute to the young singer on their social media websites, with Callum explaining her as a “really special soul”. He stated that “Sometimes words come easily, and sometimes, there are just none. Anything we say just comes across like a platitude or a cliche, but from the first day Dave and I met Paige, we just both knew that she was a really good and really special soul.

Paige Dougall Death Cause

“She came into our lives like a little tornado, and she made us smile and laugh, and usually also made us check our egos at the door too! From our 1st special moments with her until our last, we have always just felt like part of the same family, and that is a very very very precious and rare thing to be sure. We played a very small part in aiding her in her time of need, but it is something we will be grateful for, for the rest of our lives. The entire family always gave us this special feeling like we had known one another all our lives.

Paige Dougall: Age, Instagram and, GoFundMe

“I think what we require to hold onto is the faith that she will already have moved onto a very unique and special place, and she might go bodily, but she can never, ever leave the huge and loving place that she builds in all our hearts.”

Paige Dougall

Ella Henderson shared a heartfelt tribute to Paige on her Instagram page by stating that the teen was an “absolute angel” and one of the “bravest” people she had ever met. She stated that “Today I got the news that we lost one of the bravest human beings I have EVER met in my entire 25 years. Her name was Paige and she was an absolute angel who did not deserve to leave the world at this age.”

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