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Who was Ntwenhle Sibiya and how did she die, what was her cause of death?


Who was Ntwenhle Sibiya and how did she die, what was her cause of death?: The death news of Gentle Ntwenhle Sibiya is currently trending all over the web. The netizens are keen to know the cause of his death and want to know more details about her. As per the news outlet,  Sanelisiwe Sibiya, Ntwentle Sanelisiwe passed away. The 25-year-old Pietermaritzburg lady died prior to she could run away from a risky and abusive relationship in Johannesburg, the city of riches. Ntwentle who lives in a Riversands complex reported her lover, Ziphozethu Shange to the cops after he attacked her and left her injured last month. She was found dead just weeks after filing the report. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Who was Ntwenhle Sibiya?

Zinhle Tenza, the distraught sister of Ntwentle informed The Bulrushes on Tuesday that her family had hoped Ntwentle would leave her toxic and violent relationship and return to their Pietermaritzburg house. Zinhle spent most of Tuesday trying to arrange for the return of the body of her sister. Zinhle stated the boyfriend of her sister, Change, summoned an ambulance to their building on Friday, which directs to the catastrophe. Zinhle explained that “He gave the correct complex name, but the incorrect unit number.”

When the ambulance came, paramedics were not able to locate the person who had requested assistance. When Shange called the security officer to give them his unit number, the ambulance was already at the edifice. Shange, for some reason, gave the wrong unit number again. Zinhle explained that “While the ambulance was driving around the complex looking for the correct unit, the security officer on duty went to the block to watch around.”

Ntwenhle Sibiya Cause of Death?

“Thankfully, the security guard was already aware of the abusive and toxic relationship of my sister. So he went to the apartment of Ntwentle and knocked.” When the security guard opened the door, Ntwentle was resting on the floor next to a couch, much to his surprise. He could tell something was amiss with her.

Zinhle lament, “Can you imagine her beau Shange was busy playing a game on his Playstation while Ntwentle lay dead?” Her body was covered in stab injuries and bruises. Around 10:00 AM, the frightened security guard chased down the ambulance that had been roaming around the complex.

Zinhle recounted that “By the time security and paramedics arrived, the body had been relocated to the bathroom and was covered. The floor had been cleaned when the police came, but there were clearly visible traces of blood on the floor and the couch. When the police checked around, they found bloodied towels in a large container outside the flat.”

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