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Who was Melinda Ballard and what was her cause of death? financial executive and activist dead


Who was Melinda Ballard and what was her cause of death? financial executive and activist dead: The American based Melinda Ballard was the activist and treasurer for the people of America who were holding the insurance policies in the country, she was prominent a lady in the country and got public recognization when she sued an insurance company in 1999 for mold damage in a family home at Dripping Springs in Texas. Follow this blog till the last line and be educated on how and when she and her husband died? and what were the highlighted moments of Melinda Ballard’s life? so keep going studying this article as it has been covered after doing a deep study on her. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Melinda Ballard

Who was Melinda Ballard?

Melinda Ballard was living happily with her family and husband Ron Allison, once her child known as Reese Allison was of just 3 years in May 1999 suffered from respiratory problems and later her husband who was a doctor by profession also showed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and after her child and husband she also caught up by the symptoms of the same disease and on 1st April 1999 she started showing signs of the Alzheimer’s disease first time the signs of the same disease was shown on a Southwest Airlines flight in her where she coughed with blood.

Melinda Ballard Death Cause

She was the wife of doctor Ron Allison, they had an amazing journey together as a couple but unfortunately, both are not with us right now. Her husband was the famous oncologist of his area as he practiced medicine for more than 20 years in the affiliated health care centers of North Carolina in Butner. But was also a prominent person like her wife throughout the country. But his death also remains a mystery for the public but it is speculated that he was ill with Alzheimer’s disease which later become the cause of his death but there is no official statement that has come forth from his family’s side.

How did Melinda Ballard die?

Melinda Ballard and her husband once won 32 million USD in a case against Farmers Insurance in 2001 but later the awarded money was reduced by approximately 90% after an appeal. Later she founded an insurance clearinghouse for the owners of homes and an advocacy group named Policyholders of America. And in 2013 she died with an unknown death cause, she was 55 years old at the time of her demise as her birth year was 1958.

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