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Who was Matima Miller? Tiktok Babyface’s Aka Swavy Dies, Cause Of Death Explained! (Updated)


The famous Tik Toker Matima Miller has died on July 5, 2021. He was famous for making funny videos on TikTok. He has 2.3 million followers on his Tiktok account. You find him on a video streaming app with the handle @babyface.s.  Whereas his fans called him by Swavy. He even had 19.4 million likes on his videos and he was just 19 years old. He is basically from Wilmington, Delaware.

Matima Miller

Who was Matima Miller? 

So, you may also find his account on the social media platform Instagram on which he has 3,56000 people or followers in his account. @oneway.swavy is his handle. The followers of him might be unaware of the reason behind his death. So let us tell you that the death news of Miller has been confirmed by one of his best friends name Damautya Mikula who conformed about this grief on Monday.

He released a video titled “Rest Up Bro”, he announced that his friend Matima has been shot. He further said that “Matiam got shot and I’m going to have-del his work from now. As I don’t want to waste all the efforts of my dearest friend. All he doing was just shooting  video he was the real one.”

Matima Miller (Swavy) Cause Of Death

Delaware police have been reported that Miller was shot at 10:42 on July 5, 2021. He was shot near the 700 of Elvert Place in Wilmington. Then one of the Youtube videos confirmed that that is Swavy who has been died. He was found with gunshot and people there take him t the hospital but when they reached there declared him dead. His family is in huge grief as his loss isn’t easy for them.

Later his friend posted a vision on his Instagram account in which he will be seen saying that “I need him so that I can hug him one more time.”


The reaction of people:-

  • Some of his followers took to the tweeter.
  • The user writes “he is the most hilarious boy who use to make his fans laugh a lot. RIP.”
  • There numerous tweets like this as his fans are in huge grief and they are wishing for him to be Rest In Peace.



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  1. I can’t believe This man is not in jail for life he killed a 24 year old and not in jail and he on Instagram saying I always keep that energy from what you said

  2. Like I’m done with it I’m locking my self in my room misery bc he was a young man no young man deserves to be shot or stabbed or anything but that’s not the point the point is who shot him and why?? And now I’m missing him like fr fr and I bet all of his supporters and stuff and his goal was to get big off of social media bc that’s what he wanted but it’s over but I guess his brother and friends are going to keep his name out to but I ain’t famous or else I would and I ain’t rich neither and only rich people get famous no afence. But I pray for his family love and miss you from all supportingness. R.I.P

  3. I miss you Swavy, you didn’t have to live like this like I wondering who shot you and why?? but I’m missing you I can’t even sleep anymore, you didn’t do anything but make ppl happy and do your dance for TikTok WE MISS YOU resteasyswavy R.I.P – i pray for your family and everything


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