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Who was Marcus Evans, British Man Killed Stabbed To Death – Age, Photos, and, more!


Who was Marcus Evans, British Man Killed Stabbed To Death – Age, Photos, and, more!: Thai experts have identified Marcus Evans from Berrow in Burnham on Sea as the British casualty of the assault. Marcus Evans was found face down with knife wounds to his neck by Thai police who were called to the house thinking to have a place with the casualty’s girlfriend. The following is everything you need to know about the sickle attack in Thailand. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Marcus Evans

Who was Marcus Evans?

Marcus Evans is the name of a British man who died in Thailand after an alleged attack. Marcus Evans, a Somerset resident from Berrow, Burnham on Sea, was killed in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Kanchanaburi Province in the country’s west. Evans was discovered with knife incisions in his neck looking downwards when Thai police were summoned to a property. Shaun Dahnab, a 55-year-old British man, was similarly sent to the hospital with significant injuries and underwent surgery on his collarbone and skull.

What Exactly Happened To Marcus Evans?

According to Thai Police, Marcus Evans, a British man was declared dead at his home with knife wounds. A sickle knife was reportedly recovered at the site, and a 22-year-old male was apprehended. Similarly, the police stated that their preliminary investigations suggested that Thai suspects may have assaulted the victims for partying and playing loud music in the early hours of the morning. Furthermore, the assault occurred shortly before 0400 local times, according to local media (2100 GMT). Authorities had previously stated that the alleged attacker was a local citizen who had been discovered hiding in a neighboring relative’s property.

Marcus Evans Age

He was a British man from Berrow in Somerset. Many reports say that Marcus Evans was 49 years old at the time of his death. According to his age, he was born around somewhere in 1972.

Marcus Evans Wife and His Family

The details about his Marcus Evans family and his wife are currently unknown. However, some articles cited Evans had a girlfriend but her name and identity are yet to be revealed. Marcus keeps his personal life away from the public. He did not feel comfortable sharing personal things in public. Besides this, there is no information available in the online media but the investigation continues. Marcus was renting a home in Thailand with a British friend when the awful tragedy occurred. Furthermore, the suspected assailant was a local resident who was apprehended. Follow this site to get the latest news.

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