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Who was Manish Gupta? What was UP Businessman Manish Gupta Cause of Death? Post-Mortem Report reveals his Death Reason


Who was Manish Gupta? What was UP Businessman Manish Gupta Cause of Death? Post-Mortem Report reveals his Death Reason: The death of the renowned businessmen of UP is making headlines. His death has become a controversy as he lost his life in a murder. Manish Gupta was a successful businessman. His death created a mystery and then police sent his body to the postmortem. So the report of his postmortem is all here. His postmortem took 15 hours. You will get to know the reason behind his death. So read the article below.

Manish Gupta

Who was Manish Gupta?

So the postmortem reports revealed the reason for his death. He died due to the several minors in injuries and he met to a coma and lost his life.” The postmortem which conducted by doctors and took 15 hours to know the exact reason for his death. He was suffering from various minor injuries including swelling in the middle part of his head, he has a cut at his elbows joint, and he was also injured at his upper lip. Well, the postmortem reports have been cleared the mind of many of his friends and family members.

Manish Gupta Cause of Death?

There is a video in which we can see that police beaten him up and this is a clear murder. The video is shared o social media, the users are so angry and they are commenting that his family must take an action against the policemen. On  Wednesday night charges were booked against the police for attempting murder. Whereas the high authorities were seen trying to dissuade a family of Manish Gupta to take back a case.

How did Manish Gupta Die?

Here are the names of the user those who have shared a video on social media, Sanjay Singh, Rajya Sabha MP of the Aam Aadmi Party. After this the magistrate, Mr. Vijay Karna Ananda gave a statement to his family in which he said that “I would like to request you that the case will take a year and this is what I’m telling you as an elder brother. And being a court case it will still take a year.”

UP Businessman Manish Gupta Post-Mortem Report 

CHief of the police Mr. Vipin Tada stated that “Police personals those are in the video they didn’t have any personal issues with, and they were going there in the police uniform. this is why I’m listening to you for a morning. And when you tell me to spend them, I do it. And I’m assuring you that they will not be going to be reinstated till they didn’t have their clean chit.”

Whereas his wife Meenakshi is claiming that police and hotel staff both are united and these guys are covering up things.

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