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Who was Ladi Kwali and what was her cause of death? Nigerian earthenware craft artist on Google Doodle


Who was Ladi Kwali and what was her cause of death? Nigerian earthenware craft artist on Google Doodle: It is difficult to accept the death of someone whom you adore whether it is your loved ones or your role model or your favorite actor. One such demise of a popular Nigerian potter and ceramist putting everyone in big grief. The name of the deceased potter is Ladi Kwali who passed on the 12th of August 1984. After so many years, her name is one again in the talk of the town. Ladi Kwali was one of the key figures to make the world know about the Nigerian tradition and culture back in the 1950s. Having dedicated her entire life to educating other people about traditional ceramics, she is now recalled as one of the greatest artists of her generation. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ladi Kwali

Who was Ladi Kwali?

Her works are kept as a collection in several museums and art galleries throughout the world. She was born to a family of potters in the year 1925, she learned coil and pinch methods of pottery from her aunt when she was a child. Even at a young age, she was talented enough to modify art to her own liking. As a consequence, she began making pots and jars ornamented with animal iconography.

How did Ladi Kwali die?

Her works were discovered in almost every able home in the country including the royal palace. The potter was wedded but never had any children. Her parents and other members of her family were all potters. The works of Ladi Kwali are discovered all throughout the world, from Africa to Australia. For her wonderful work as a potter and also an inspiration, Ladi Kwali has a well-dedicated biography and Wikipedia page.

Ladi Kwali Death Cause

Besides it, she captures in a 20-naira note of Nigeria. She is the one and sole lady to feature in the currency of Nigeria. In addition to this, her works have been materials for teaching several universities all throughout the globe. One can discover her traditional crafts in many international museums as well. Ladi Kwali was born in the village of Kwali which is in the Gwari region of Northern Nigeria, where pottery was an indigenous occupation between females.

She learned to make pottery as a kid from her aunt using the traditional method of coiling. May God give rest to her soul and stay tuned with getindianews for more such news.

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