Who was Kimberley Kitching and what was her cause of death? Tributes Pour In As “’Victorian Labor senator” dead at 52: A shocking wave is blowing on the internet and breaking the hearts of the people as Kimberley Kitching has been passed away recently. People have been perplexed after knowing about this news as there were no health issues with her but the sudden demise of the victorian Labor senator raised many questions among the people, now people are scrounging web pages to learn how did she die? and what is the cause of her untimely demise? To answer all these questions we have written this article for you, by reading down the article you will get answers to your question and below placed sections will also tell you about her age and experience throughout her career. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kimberley Kitching

Who was Kimberley Kitching?

By examining every report provided by the source we understand that Senator might have passed away after being hit by a heart attack. According to the reports, she handed off her life in the afternoon on Thursday. Reportedly, she was feeling unwell when she was driving for her meetings and she stop her car to call her husband named Andrew Landeryou. An emergency call was also made to call an ambulance for her but she could not sustain the pain of the attack and die near the place where her car was placed. That means the cause of her death was a heart attack. Kindly read down the next section of this article to get more detail on this headline.

Kimberley Kitching Death Cause

There is no certainty her demise is a great loss for her Victorian Labour party and family. After coming across this news Anthony Albanese who is a leader of the same party said the party is in shock after listening to this devastating news, she would be missed by all of us definitely. He further added that all the party members have been stunned at the sudden death of our colleague, friend, and senator Kimberley Kitching. She passed away very soon as she had a long way to go in her career. Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with the grieving family and her loving husband Andrew Landeryou.

How did Kimberley Kitching die?

As per the reports, she died suddenly at Strathmore suburb of Melbourne on Thursday. As she passed away at a not too old age her demise left stunned all the people who were known to her as she was just 52 years of age when a heart attack broke down her respiratory system. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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