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Who was Kevin Stolinsky and what was his cause of death? Longtime Detective of La Vergne PD died


Who was Kevin Stolinsky and what was his cause of death? Longtime Detective of La Vergne PD died: We are highly mourning to inform you, that Detective Sgt. Kevin Stolinsky has died on Friday, 12th November 2021, ever since the news came to the front, a wave of great sorrow has enclosed everyone especially his family and close ones. Whoseever encounter with the death news of the detective is paying tribute to him and praying for the family as well so that, they can get the strength to bear this intolerable pain. Many statements are being shared by his co-officers who are grieving his unexpected death because no one had supposed that such a great man will leave the world in such a strange way. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Kevin Stolinsky

Who was Kevin Stolinsky?

As per the exclusive reports, no cause of his sudden death is disclosed as the investigation is going on, but the whole La Vergne Police Department is going through a big shock to lose him because he was the longtime detective of the force. He had been with La Vergne Police Department since 2001, this is the reason, they have linked with him deeply due to which, their sorrow is hitting the bricks. Because in just a small time duration they have lost another gem among them, they are supporting his family too so that, they could not feel lonely in this tough time.

Kevin Stolinsky Death Cause

It is being reported, that he has solved many cases which were tricky enough for others, like the way he used to examine the case, was remarkable enough. Therefore he listed in the list of top detective names, as per the reports, he was suffering from some health complications as well. But no one has an idea that it will become the reason for his sudden death at the time of the duty, as soon as his co-officers got to know about his health condition they made him admitted to the nearest medical center, but sadly, the medical team could not able to make him save.

Ever since, his fans got acquainted with the news their mourn knows no bounds, and therefore, many heartfelt messages are being shared by them on the Twitter handle. So that, they can pay their respective tribute to the detective, the social media got flooded through the messages. Because everyone is praying for his close ones as well, as they can feel their pain.

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