Home News Who was Kenneth Nigh and what was her cause of death?

Who was Kenneth Nigh and what was her cause of death?


Who was Kenneth Nigh and what was her cause of death?: A brutal murder was registered a few years ago of Rhonda Oakley, she was found dead at her home in Danville, Kentucky. This shocked everyone and made headlines on the news channels and social media, everyone was in a devastating mental situation after reading this news as the most distressing fact of this news was that a mother was killed by the stepdaughter and stepdaughter’s boyfriend. Take a look at this news as it is still in talks on social media and netizens are searching to get the authentic details of Rhonda Oakley’s murder case This web page is the best place according to their needs so scroll down the page and read it down. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kenneth Nigh

Who was Kenneth Nigh?

Rhonda Oakley’s stepdaughter named Jenna Oakley and her boyfriend named Kenneth Nye were the culprits who killed Rhonda at their home. His death was affirmed when Rhonda’s son named David Oakley came back home from his school on 1st September 2016 where David found his mother dead as she was killed with a kitchen knife as the culprits cut down her throat. David was just 13 years old at that time and Rhonda Oakley was aged 52 years. When police proceeded with their legal procedures they found that Rhonda’s stepdaughter or David’s stepsister Jenna was missing who was just 15 years old and later police also learned she has been run with her boyfriend Kenneth Nye who was 20 years old.

Kenneth Nigh Death Cause

Eventually, Jenna was captured by the police in New Mexico along with Kenneth after three days of their missing and both were charged with murder and theft. But somehow Nye escaped justice by taking his own life in the cell in a suicide attempt in which he got severe injuries but could not sustain the pain of injuries and hospital staff declared him dead.

According to the reports Jenna was in a relationship with Kenneth for three or four years. In 2019 January, she was found guilty of manslaughter and theft at the same time three were some stories developing that she should be convicted as a minor but court considered her as an adult and sentenced her to prison for 15 years and the judge remarked that the case a ‘particularly brutal’. Jenna’s father named Philip Oakley said on her daughter’s crime that she and her boyfriend are monsters. Stay tuned for more world news and keep reading other news articles on this web page.

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