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Who Was Josh Neuman And What Was His Cause Of Death? Social Media Influencer Killed In Iceland Plane Crash


Who was Josh Neuman and what was his cause of death? Social media influencer killed in Iceland plane crash: As per the latest report, an American skateboarder and social media influencer named Josh Neuman was one of 4 men assassinated when a sightseeing plane collided into a lake in Iceland. This news is officially confirmed by the North Atlantic island nation stated on Monday, 7th February 2022. Since his passing news comes fore, the entire world is mourning and his fans are in a big shock that their idol lost his life in his early years when so much life was ahead in front of him. The entire social media are flooded with condolences messages and expressing their mourning over the demise of young enthusiasts. Netizens are keen to know more about the entire case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Josh Neuman

Who was Josh Neuman?

The 22-year-old Neuman was on the flight to make commercial content for the Belgian fashion brand “Suspicious Antwerp” along with Tim Alings, the firm’s sponsorship manager 27 years old, and Nicola Bellavia, a 32-years-old skydiver, and social media influencer hailed from Belgium. The pilot named Haraldur Diego (49-years-old) was considered one of the most prominent aviators and a pioneer of photography tours in Iceland. 4 bodies believed to be the men were founded on Sunday in Lake Thingvallavatn. Iceland’s 2nd largest lake with the use of an independent submarine and sonar technology.

As per the reports, the poor weather has prevented divers from recovering the bodies, discovered at depths of up to 157 feet. Police chief Oddur Arnason informed The Associated Press that “For the safety of divers we have to wait until the weather improves.” The Cessna 172 plane did not send a desperation signal after vanishing from radar on Thursday. More than 1,000 members of the Search and Rescue Organisation of Iceland helped hunt for the aircraft, which was discovered Saturday in a portion of the lake around 30 miles east of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

Josh Neuman Plane Crash Iceland Video Explained

Neuman was popularly known for making one of the most-watched skateboarding videos which he posted on his Youtube channel. In his Youtube channel, he garnered almost 1.2 million subscribers. As per the homepage of Neuman, he started making videos at the age of 12 along with his father who was his video camera and later dropped out of college in order to pursue his passion and a career in extreme sports and filmmaking. In the year 2020, he published a sponsored video for Suspicious Antwerp, skating a longboard down a twisted road in Los Angeles.


Bram Boriau the spokesman of Suspicious Antwerp stated that the purpose of the flight was the capture footage of the beautiful and stunning scenery of Iceland. He informed the AP by the mail that “All persons present were hugely passionate about travel and content creation, therefore these themes were the chief focus and aim of the trip.”

Josh Neuman Death Cause

American Skateboarder Josh Neuman had been killed among four people when the plane crashed into a lake in Iceland. let us check the complete information in detail given below. Josh Neuman is an American Skateboarder, one of the most YouTube influencers, and known for creating such amazing skateboarding videos. the influences were killed along with three other people. he was killed after a sightseeing plane crashed into a lake in Iceland. his family did confirm his death on Monday night by giving a statement. Iceland police could not immediately be reached.

Authorities say that the 22-years old was on board the plane to create commercial content for the Belgian fashion brand suspicious Antwerp. When the aircraft went missing. Rescuers try to find it in Lake Thingvallavtn, Iceland’s second-largest lake. with the help of an autonomous submarine and sonar technology.

How did Josh Neuman die?

Officials gave a statement that also on board the plane were Tim Alings, the company’s sponsorship manager, 27: Nicola Bellavia, a 32-year-old skydiver and social media influencer from Belgium, and pilot Haraldur Diego 49 years old. The rescue team had faced problems to recover the bodies because of poor weather. the bodies were found at depths of 157ft in the lake 30 miles east of Reykjavik.


About the incident, police chief Oddur Arnason told the Associated press that we have to wait until whenever the weather does not improve because the safety of drivers is most important. he also said The Cessna 172 plane did not send out a distress signal when it vanished from radar on Thursday, which sparked a 1,000 person search and rescue effort.

how was the incident happened to describe this, Bram Boriau, a spokesperson for suspicious Antwerp, told that the group was capturing footage of Iceland on the Flight and then this incident suddenly happened.

What did the skateboarder’s family say?

his family thanks all Josh’s fans for their support. “To all Josh’s supporters, thank you. Every single one of you meant so much to Josh. We have upcoming plans in store to keep his legacy alive forever” in the official Instagram account of Joshneuman.

That statement gave the company in which they worked?

The company officially confirmed on its Instagram account that an employee and two content creators were aboard the flight.

We are enormously distressed by the news and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends.

We are in close content with them, as well as the authorities, and we are doing everything we can to assist them during this.

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