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Who was Josee Abi Assal? Ottawa Girl Dies Tobogganing Accident – Age, Parents, Photos and GoFundMe


Who was Josee Abi Assal? Ottawa Girl Dies Tobogganing Accident – Age, Parents, Photos, and GoFundMe: Josee Abi Assal moved to Canada with her family last year. It was meant to be a lighthearted way to end a holiday sleepover. On December 27, a group of cousins went tobogganing in Mooney’s Bay, an Ottawa neighborhood. Jose Abi Assal, eleven years old, was dizzy with excitement. She had arrived at the nation’s capital six months previously from Lebanon with her parents and two elder siblings, and she was intrigued with winter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Josee Abi Assal

Who was Josee Abi Assal?

The youngster had danced outside after seeing her first snowfall a few weeks before, and now she was going sledding for the first time. The event, however, ended in disaster. Paramedics responded to a tobogganing mishap at Mooney’s Bay slope at 2:50 p.m. that day. Jose was sent to CHEO, a children’s hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. That Day, Josee’s aunt was worried about the amount of ice sloping down the center of the hill and told the children to take an easy way that curved in a wide “C” on the side facing the Rideau River.

A cousin hopped on the front of the plastic toboggan, according to the family. Josee’s 14-year-old brother, Jules, was the next to jump on, followed by Josee at the back, clutching Jules’ waist. The sled spun 180 degrees halfway down the slope and went backward on the grooved curve, hurtling toward a cluster of metal signposts. Josee’s mother, Marie-Lou El-Kada, claims that one of those posts severed her daughter’s spine.

Ottawa Girl Dies Tobogganing Accident

El-Kada was at a pharmacy when she get the COVID booster show and learned of her daughter’s accident. Jose told her brother that she couldn’t feel her legs right after hitting the post, she added. Josee told Jules, I don’t want to live my life paralyzed, according to El-Kada, and he hugged and held her until the ambulance arrived. El Kada said Josee also asked her sister to help her, but her sister can’t help her only kissing her.

Josee Abi Assal

Josee Abi Assal: Age, Parents, and GoFundMe

His father named Joseph Abi Assal received an emergency call at the Walmart in Gatineau, Que where he worked for the company. At first, when he hears the news, he had a bad feeling about it that he was reluctant to learn what happened. I don’t know what is coming what is not. I drive very slowly, not as my usual driving routine. I stop at every orange light to make it slower the news said Abi Assal. After closing the hill to investigate, police say no criminal charges will be laid. Josee Abi Assal Go Fund Me

josee abi assal go fund me

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