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Who was Jose David Lopez, Police identified 15-year-old shot to death – Photos, Parents, and, more!


Who was Jose David Lopez, Police identified 15-year-old shot to death – Photos, Parents, and, more!: Officials of the Des Moines police department found dead a 15 years old boy who is identified as Jose David Lopez. Police officers found the corpse of Jose David in the afternoon on Monday. According to the statements released by the Des Moines police department, Lopez died in a shooting rage incident in which several casualties have been reported. Since this news has come out in the vision of the people it has created a sensation on the internet and people have been horrified after listening to the brutal killing of the minor. Kindly scroll down the page to look at the paragraphs of this news article in which you will get to learn who are suspects in this case and find out if the suspects have been apprehended or not by the officials. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jose David Lopez

Who was Jose David Lopez?

As we have mentioned above, Josh Davis Lopez’s corpse was found by Des Moines police officers on Monday outside East High School and he died due to the fatal wounds that he sustained in the shooting range. According to the reports, Josh was walking near the high school province when suddenly some people started firing on women with whom Lopez was walking on the sidewalk. For further details kindly read down the further sections of this article.

Jose David Lopez Death Cause

As per the reports shared by the officers, Lopez was the main target of the shooters who came in two or three vehicles at the scene. After the shooting incident an anonymous person dialed 911 to inform Des Moines police about this incident around 2:50 PM police got a call regarding the incident and the department immediately dispatched an ambulance and police van to the scene. Police reported that three teenagers were injured with gunshots and they were rushed to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

How did Jose David Lopez die?

Lopez was 15 years of age while other victims of this mishap were 16 and 18 years of age both are from Eastside. After a short span of the incident, Des Moines Police captured six prior suspects of this incident. Their names are listed below along with their ages.

  • Octavio Lopez, 17 years of age
  • Romero Perdomo 16 years of age
  • Henry Valadares Amaya 17 years of age
  • Nyang Chamdual 14 years of age
  • Alex Perdomo 15 years of age
  • Manuel Perdomo 16 years of age

The motive of the shooting incident has not come out yet but we will update this section of this page as soon as we find out the affirmed report on the same.

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