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Who was John Stahl and what was his cause of death? Game Of Thrones actor dead at 68


Who was John Stahl and what was his cause of death? Game Of Thrones actor dead at 68: The actor who portrayed the character of Rickard Karstark in two seasons of Game Of Thrones has been passed away he was widely known for his work in the widely acclaimed HBO series Games Of Thrones apart from this he played many notable characters in various series. The name of the aforementioned actor is John Stahl who is no more with us, now people are eager to learn the death cause of the actor and also want to learn his some personal details so stay on this page for while and have a look at the paragraphs of this article that have been placed downward on this page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Stahl

Who was John Stahl?

John Stahl had played many characters in which Inverdarroch was one of his notable characters that had been played in a television soap Take The High Road. Since his death news broke out on the internet people are paying tributes to him and sending heartfelt condolences to John’s family. He is described as an artist of notable skill and a devotee of Scottish theatre by his agent named Amanda Fitzalan Howard. Keep reading this article to explore his career and persona more.

John Stahl Death Cause

During his span of acting, he has been seen in innumerable series, television shows, and theater productions such as he performed at The National Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company. He was a Scottish actor who was from Sauchie in Clackmannanshire. As we have mentioned above many people are remembering him and his work in the industry and paying tributes to him as Peter May who is a screenwriter who hails from Scotland said it is saddened to hear the demise of my long time friend John Stahl who has passed I remember I wrote numerous scenes for his character that he played in Take The High Road.


How did John Stahl die?

Ian Rankin who is a writer and best known for his novels wrote he wished to work with John Stahl again after he was seen in his play titled Long Shadows. Several tweets and tribute posts can be seen easily on social media. Regardless, John Stahl also has been paid tribute by The National Theatre of Scotland and stated that they are deeply sad after listening to this news. He died on 2nd March and he was married to his spouse named Jane Paton. Stay in touch with this page to get daily updates on the trending headlines of the news.

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